April 1, 2015
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The Car Guy with Jack Fortner

The Car Guy


The Car Guy

Jack's Waldo the Wonder Willy

Jack the Car Guy lives in Yellville and has loved cars and all things mechanical since childhood. He purchased his first car, a 1930 Model A sedan, when he was 12 years old, with his lawn mowing money. He has never stopped collecting, now owning 11 cars, 6 tractors, several stationery engines and projects too many to ever finish. He has worked in all phases of the automotive industry, from sales to repair, and currently works for Carroll Shelby Enterprises, servicing Goodyear Racing Tires to the NASCAR circuit. Jack says he never met a car he didn’t like – he just likes some better than others.

The show is for the gearheads in our listening area to be able to find out where events are happening, ask a question or two and perhaps learn something new each week.

Listen to The Car Guy Saturday mornings from 8:00 to 9:00 on KTLO-FM. Click on the date above to hear that show.

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Click here to view a 1965 film titled "The Hot Rod Story."

Click here to see a Youtube video of a car show in Germany.

During an episode of Jack the Car Guy, Matt found a website called Bar-B-Cruise dedicated to barbecue and cruising.  It gives dates of cruise nights, car shows and barbecue events in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas.  Click here to open it's page.

Click here to see a vintage race crash.

A couple of listeners recently sent this link of Ed Brown's Auto Shop in Apollo, Pennsylvania.

John Donato of Rowe Industries was a recent guest of Jack the Car Guy's.  Here's a link to view his performance products.

Jack and Pam recently visited the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Click here to learn more.

Jim Amos of Bee-On Video was a recent guest of Jack the Car Guy. Click here for more information.

All right let's see how you do. Be honest with yourself. See how you do. The average score is 73%. This will really rattle the cobwebs in the 'ol brain. The Car Guy got 88%.

Click here to look at maps of Route 66.

Click here to see the video of the Radio Flyer Car

Click here to see a flying lawnmower.

Check out great music & cool pictures!

Carroll Shelby 1923-2012
Click here to read Carroll Shelby's obituary in Autoweek Magazine.

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Jack's Recent Travels

Photos from Jack's most recent travels!

Pam's Fiat

Pam's new Fiat!

Jack's Studio Audience

Just another day in the studio!

Jack at Phoenix Int'l Raceway!

Photos from Jack's trip to Phoenix

59 Chevy

Does anyone have any info about this truck or provide info on how it was done?

World's Lowest Car

19" off the ground!

Jack's Guests

Check out Jack's guests!

Restored Chevy

Karsten Piefrement, owner of Luka Auto, turned over the keys to a 3-year resto-mod Chevy pickup to its proud owner, Stan Jorgensen.

Hayward, Wi Car Show

Jack traveled to Hayward, WI for a car show!

Ford Roadster

Robert Harder recently sent Jack these pictures of his 1937 Ford Roadster

Jack at the 'Vette Museum

Jack the Car Guy went to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  He saw several 'Vettes, including some damaged by the recent sinkhole.


Photo from Karsten Piefrement

Old Fuel Stops

Photos of service stations from the past

The Car Guy or The Garden Show?

From Listener Rick Steiner

"The Never Done Garage"

From Listener Rick Steiner

When Bad Things Happen to Good Cars

Car Photos  

Elio's 3-wheel car

Click here to read the article from Rob Lever of Yahoo! News.

Flying Bus

Local listener Rick Steiner sent this photo of a flying Volkswagen bus

Historic Route 66

Jack and his friends took a road trip down historic Route 66.

Green Hornet

Check out  work done on Jack's Green Hornet

Waldo the Wonder Willy

Waldo the Wonder Willy

Al Capone's car

This car was used by President Truman in 1941

Branson Midwest Sleds

Jack visited the Midwest Sleds Show in Branson.

Jack's Travels

These are pictures from Jack the Car Guys travles.