May 25, 2016
12:21 am
Rain: 7am to 7am: .01"  Month: 6.60”  Year: 18.50"  |  Recorded temps:  High: 80  Low: 63

Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list for free, call KTLO, Classic Hits and The Boot at 870-425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: 481-5822
Humane Society of NCA: 425-9221


On Tucker Cemetery Road. A white male Shih Tzu with grayish head. Call 870-430-5084. (5/21)

In the North Point subdivision,Mountain Home. A small white male pomeranian mix, medium length hair and a black head. Call 402-253-5426. (5/16) 

On Highway 126 in the Monkey Run area, a chocolate Lab.  Call 870-404-6297. (5/10)

On Highway 345 (Old Cotter Road) a neutered-male hound mix that is black and brown and is wearing a blue collar.  Call 435-6325.  (4/27)

In the Bull Shoals Point Return Highland area, a white/buff colored, long haired, male Poodle.  call 870-404-2864. (4/26)

On Amberwood Lane at Camelot Estates, mostly blind black and white spanie.  Call 405-3584. (4/25)

Behind Sonic in Flippin, tan female dog, wearing collar with partial leash attached.  Call 501-730-8710. (4/25)

On Highway 5 North in Mountain Home, about 1 mile north of KTLO, a white female Pit Bull that has one brown ear and is wearing a collar.  Call 870-404-7028. (4/21)

On County Road 784 near Clarkridge, beagle mix puppy, 40 to 45 pounds, white on the chest and front legs, white stripe between eyes, brown ears, brown and black on back, black nose with pink spots.  Call 421-3923. (4/20)

Near the White Hole Public Access, a small, long-haired, black dog.  Call 870-504-0386.  (4/14)

By Gassville City Park a small female, black, grey and brown Yorkie Mix.  Call 870-656-0412. (4/14)

On Old Arkana, by Scott Valley Ranch a black puppy with white sock feet and white on chest.  Call 870-404-6653. (4/14)

On Buzzard Roost Road, a female black lab mix wearing a pink collar.  Call 492-5962.  (4/8)

Off Old Arkana Road/County Road 54, a male 6-month-old black dog with brown above one eye and a white chest.  Call 425-2910.  (4/8)

On County Road 25 near the Humane Society of North Central Arkansas, female cocoa-colored lab mix, 12-to-14 weeks old, no collar.  Call 424-5878. (4/1)

In Lakeview, a brown and black female puppy wearing a bright pink collar.  Call 431-8726.  (3/23)

Near Ponder All-Care Pharmacy, brown and black German shepherd mix puppy.  Call 404-0684. (3/20)

On Hand Cove Road, a male blue healer wearing a green collar.  Call 488-5781.  (3/10)


In Oakland, a male chocolate lab puppy.  Call 421-3713 or 431-8801 (5/23)

In the Buford area near Hidden Valley, a male Blue Healer / Jack Russel mix. Wearing a black spiked collar but no tags. Answers to CJ. Call 421-4470 (5/19) 

In the Indian Creek area, a black female shih poo, wearing a collar, answers to the name Maggie. Call 421-6166 
By Hammonds Real Estate in Flippin, reddish-brown kid goat with long ears.  Call 417-254-1091. (5/14)

On highway 5 south near Mcclure lane; Large white male; Norweigan Elkhound/ St. Bernard mix. No collar or ID. Call 870-656-1701 (5/13)

In the Village Green area, Mountain Home. Female smooth collie; beige and white. Wearing a red collar, answers to "Maple." Call 870-378-6346 (5/13) 

On highway 62, between the Charter bus service, and Rivertown Gallery. 3 year old blue healer that goes by the name of Rowdy. Lost Sunday (5/8) Male, no collar, has a scar on the bridge of his nose. Call 425-5775 (5/9) 

On West Road, a female black and tan spayed female Yorkie that goes by the name of Chloe.  $100.00 Reward Offered.  Call 870-405-5065. (5/7)

In Clarkridge, a female black Lab puppy wearing a green collar and goes by the name of "Betty".  Call 870-736-6244. (5/4)

On County Road 11, a reverse-brindle male boxer.  Call 870-421-9069.  (5/2)

On Webber Road in Mountain Home, a 6 month old tan female Pit Bull/Shar-pei Mix wearing a brown collar with rabies tag.  Her name is Lola.  Call 405-8626. (4/27)

On the Lake near Hand Cove, a female red cataloula mix dog wearing a collar.  Call 424-4091.  (4/27)

In Oakland, black and brown border collie/Australian shepherd mix therapy dog, floppy ears, wearing collar, very friendly.  Call 405-6743. (4/27)

In the Northpoint area of Mountain Home, a male, black and white English Springer Spaniel that goes by the name of "Derek".  Reward offered.  Call 424-9118. (4/25)

In the North Point Subdivision, English springer spaniel, just had cataracts surgery, answers to "Derrick."  Call 424-9118. (4/25)

At AutoZone, black pit bull with orange collar, answers to "Arkas," reward offered.  Call 321-2098. (4/23)

In the Ships Ferry Road area, a black and white male Beagle mix wearing a green Humane Society Collar.  He goes by the name of "Barney".  Call 870-421-6672. (4/15)

In the Old Tracy Road area of Mountain Home, a female yellow Lab wearing a faded red collar.  She goes by the name of Mabel.  Reward offered - no questions asked.  Call 870-405-3526.  (4/13)

In the Mallard Point area, a black short haired female Min Pin mix with brown feet.  She is wearing a collar and tags and goes by the name of Toots.  Call 492-6298. (4/1)

Near Mill Creek Kennel in Flippin, border collie wearing red collar with green tag, microchipped, answers to "Alex."  Call 640-0008 or 405-0884. (3/25)

In Henderson, a tan male Boxer mix with white on chest and docked tail.  Looks like Scuby Doo in face and is wearing a brown collar.  He goes by the name of Max.  Call 870-321-7215 or 870-321-8394. (3/24)

In Gassville, a long haired, white Austrialian Shepard/Border Collie mix with brown patches wearing a red collar with tag and goes by the name of "Juice".  Cash reward offered.  Call 656-5090. (3/11)

In the Rocky Ridge Road area, female black and white border-collie mix. If found, call Judy at 491-9119. (3/11)

In the Old Military area, an older black Lab/Chow mix with collar and tags that answers to the name of "Baby".  If seen or found call 870-421-6933 or 870-421-2604. (3/9)

Pets Looking for a Loving Home

A 6 year old lab pair.  The male is neutered and the female is spayed.  Both have current shots and great personalities.  Call 870-453-7387. (4/15)

A female cat that is spayed and is litter box trained and has all current shots.  Call 512-909-1183. (4/14)

A brindle male Chihuahua mix wearing a spike collar.  Call 469-408-7273. (3/2)

A female declawed and spayed cat.  Call 702-913-2766.