August 27, 2015
4:22 pm
Rain: 7am to 7am: .00"  Month: 2.98”  Year: 42.55"  |  Recorded temps:  High: 83 Low: 61

Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list for free, call KTLO, Classic Hits and The Boot at 870-425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: 481-5822
Humane Society of NCA: 425-9221


At Clarkridge, a black and white Syberian dog.  Call 424-4747.  (8/27)

Adult female Black Lab Mix with one brown eye and one blue eye; found on CR 1073.  Call 481-5822. (8/26)
A black adult male Lab/Terrier mix (with white on his nose and chest), responds to commands and has been neutered. Call 870-481-5822 if this dog belongs to you. (8/19)

On Push Mountain Road a black cat with 2 white spots, approximately 7 months old and  weighs 3.1 pounds.  Call 481-5822. (8/18)

On Hopewell Hollow Road, a grey and white female cat, weighing 7.9 pounds and was found with her four kittens (1 male and 3 females).  Call 481-5822. (8/18)

On Forest and Leatherwood Drives, large adult weimaraner wearing collar.  Call 424-4416. (8/13)

Off Highway 201 North on Quachita, 2 male long haired solid black kittens, aprroximately 18 days old.  Call 901-488-6514. (8/11)

In Southern Meadows, a small yellow cat.  Call 424-6877.  (8/11)

On County Road 614 near Highway 201 South, black lab mix, one bright blue eye, one dark blue eye.  Call 421-5765. (8/10)

On County Road 1032, A male brown and white neutered pit bull mix. Call 481-5822. (08/06) 

On County Road 712, a female German Shepherd.  Call 481-5822. (8/3)

At the Cotter park, two male tiger stripe kittens, and one female siamese kitten. Call 481-5822 (08/03) 

In Century Park Terrace, Mountain Home. A female black lab. (7/31)

By the high school in Flippin, a Siamese mix cat about 2-3 months old. Beige and white with darker coloring around the ears. No collar. Call 870-453-5729 (7/31)

In Springpark in Mountain Home, a brown male Dauschund mix that is about 4 months old.  Call 870-656-4692. (7/29)


Several weeks ago, but seen recently near Eastside Baptist Church, a black puppy with white on its chest and paws, and pointed ears.  Her name is Dixie.  Call 321-8908.  (8/26)

On Bonnie Lassie Drive and Bonnie Laddie Drive, Briarcliff a white pug/french bulldog named Pubsly.  Call 491-5163.  (8/12)

At James Hill area on Highway 14 South of Yellville, a rust colored male Vizsla dog named Rebel.  Call 449-6651.  (8/12)

Off Highway 5 North and Timberlane Road, a 8 month old female Beagle wearing a red leather collar with silver Razorbacks.  She goes by the name of Lilly.  Call 404-5929. (8/11)

Near County Road 53 (Old Tracy Ferry Road) and 348, a male boxer named Buck.  Call 656-5648 or 5649.  (8/11)

Around the Cooper Park/ Indian Creek area. A female black and grey striped tabby cat. No collar. Goes by the name Gatao. Call 421-1675, or 508-4853 (08/10)

Northpoint in Mountain Home, a male cat. White with Gray Spots. Was wearing a black collar. Named Percy, call 870-424-2570. (08/10) 

At the KOA in Mountain Home, a male Boston Terrier, 25 pounds, black and white. Wearing a blue collar with a tag shaped like a bone. His name is Jack. KOA and Animal Shelters have this information. Call 208-403-7454 or 208-313-7354. (08/07) 

In the Dodd area, a blind white male lab, 3 years old. No collar, answers to Patch. Call 513-827-7776. (08/06)

In Lakeview, a red male minature Dachshund that is wearing a yellow collar with tags and has a medical condition.  Call 405-7494. (7/31)

On Highway 62 West near Rob's Outlet, a male grey mini schnauzer named Camo.  Call 656-9166.  (7/30)

In Briarcliff, a large chihuahua mix named Kujo. He is black with a white spot on his chest.  Call 491-5030 or 656-0408.  (7/27)

Pets Looking for a Loving Home

An adult neutered-male, black and white, cat.  Owners moved and left it behind.  Call 424-7252.  (8/24)

4-5 year old female Min-Pin.  Call Debbie at 870-431-8998. (8/20)

2 male long haired solid black kittens, aprroximately 18 days old.  Call 901-488-6514. (8/11)