July 25, 2016
6:53 am
Rain: 7am to 7am: .00"  Month: 5.01”  Year: 31.92"  |  Recorded temps:  High: 94 Low: 74

Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list for free, call KTLO, Classic Hits and The Boot at 870-425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: 481-5822
Humane Society of NCA: 425-9221


In the Pine Mountain Area on Welcome Ridge Road in Yellville, a young male  black and white short haried mix breed dog wearing a green collar.  Call 870-656-1119. (7/19)

Found on 7/16, In Southeast Yellville, on County Road 4018, two female puppies, no collars, one with black and caramel on ears and feet, the other caramel with a black muzzel. Not wearing any collars. Both look to be about three months old. Call 449-4018. (7/18)

In Midway, a grey and white male Border Collie.  Call 481-6071. (7/14)

In the Mallard Point area, a female, brindle colored Boxer that is approximately 6 to 8 months old.  Call 870-421-3522. (7/13)

On County Road 25, a male black puppy, possibly a Scottish terrier.  Call 481-5550.  (7/13) 

In Flippin, a male golden retriever about 8 to 9 years old with just a chain collar.  Call 453-8017. 

On County Road 27 and Cannie Baker Road, older male tan and white chihuahua mix, no collar.  Call 224-6064. (7/8)

On Highway 201 South on Willowesque Road, a dark colored female terrier.  Call 406-8433.  (7/7)

Small male brown dog on CR 28.  Black collar, no tags.  Call 425-5094.  (7/5)

On Cooper Street in Mountain Home, a female pug.  Call 405-0326.  (6/30)

By Bouquet Palace in Mountain Home a silver, black and white male Huskey with Collar and Tags that has wrong phone number.  Call 425-2193. (6/29)

On Highway 5 South, 1 mile past the Moose Lodge, a male Britney Spaniel and a male Golden Retriever.  Call 491-5898. (6/27)

A Mini Schnauzer.  Call 425-4151.  (6/27)

A dog, at Crooked Creek and Rea Valley.  Call 870-405-0508 to identify.  (6/23)
On Tyler Avenue in Cotter, a male brown striped Boxer.  Call 870-435-6325. (6/22)

On College and 11th Streets in Mountain Home, a male black chihuahua.  Call 580-0349.  (6/20)

In Yellville near Jimmy Creek Access, a young male medium size short hair dog, golden in color with white on his chest, no collar. Call 404-7043. (6/16)

By Mel's Dinner in Mountain Home, a black male Lab.  Call 404-2997 or 424-0469. (6/16)

On the corner of 1st Street and Colewood in Indian Creek, a black and white female puppy.  Call 870-736-1840.(6/15)

In the North Point subdivision,Mountain Home. A small white male pomeranian mix, medium length hair and a black head. Call 402-253-5426. (5/16) 

On Highway 126 in the Monkey Run area, a chocolate Lab.  Call 870-404-6297. (5/10)


Across from Walmart in Mountain Home, a spayed female black Lab with 4 white socks and white on chest and is wearing a choker collar.  She goes by the name of "Socks".  Call 870-421-9931. (7/15)

On Fawn Ridge Drive in Midway, 12-year-old red and white English bulldog, spayed, deaf, no collar, answers to "Hannah."  Call 870-431-8530, 563-581-2078 or 870-321-8786. (7/8)

On County Road 39, northwest of Mountain Home, a male white and brown walker/coon hound.  He is wearing a collar with tags.  Call 481-5090.  (7/8)

In Gassville on Old Cotter Road, a female fawn-colored boxer wearing a pink collar.  Call 371-2521.  (7/8)

In the Oakland area, a female Tabby cat.  Call 431-4341. (7/7)

On County Road 168 in Mountain Home, a white female great pyrennes named Princess.  She is wearing a purple collar.  Call 870-736-2471.  (7/5)

Lost in Monkey Run area, 7-8 month mixed female, short haired, chocolate colored with white feet and white chest. Call 870-421-7767 (7/4) 

On West Road off of Spring Valley Place, a black female Yorkie-Bichon mix wearing a collar.  Call 870-404-8890.  (7/5)

Female black mix lab on CR 28.  Blue collar, no tags.  Call 425-5094.  (7/5)

Lost during the fireworks a few days ago, a 15 pound Male Siamese cat, on Hicks Rd and Military Dr. in the Pebble Creek area. No collar. Call 321-8477 (7/5) 
In the Lucky Run area, golden chihuahua/Jack Russell mix, answers to "Lilly."  Call 421-0161. (7/4)

In Midway, a male Border Collie that goes by the name of Magee.  Call 404-3628. (6/20)

In Southern Meadows, a heavy set female fawn colored Pug/Beagle mix wearing a colar with tag.  She anwers to Mimi.  Call 870-321-4614. (6/17)

On County Road 1175 - by the lake in Clarkridge, an skinny, older, redish- brown short haired male dog.  Call 870-421-0482.  (6/17)

In Marion County off of CC Access, a female, one year old beagle wearing a purple collar and probably dragging a leash.  Her name is Bella.  Call 405-2805.  (6/9)

About 7 miles from Mountain Home on Highway 201 South, a very fat male black and tan dachsund.  He answers to Buddy.  Call 404-8085.  (6/6)

By Gassville Gardens, a female black cat with a little white on her belly.  Call 870-405-8621. (5/31)

On Push Mountain Road in Norfork, a spayed female Shih-zu that is white with grey and brown.  She goes by the name of "Butter".  Call 870-736-3513. (5/31)

Pets Looking for a Loving Home

A nuetered male Pit Bull/Lab mix that weighs about 65 pounds, is house broken, has current shots and is good with kids.  He goes by the name of "Smokey".  Call 425-1312 or after 6:00 p.m. call 492-2258. (6/27)

2 baby kittens and 2 teenagers, black with white spots.  Must find home fast.  Call 870-656-4574.  (6/20)

Several rescued cats that have been spayed and nuetered.  Various ages and colors.  Call 481-5632 and leave message.  (6/14)

A very friendly and playful male, grey kitten that is 8 weeks old.  Call 870-656-9128. (6/10)