May 29, 2015
5:28 pm
RAIN:  7AM to 7AM:  .06"    Month:  8.99”    Year:  27.46"   |  TEMPS:  High: 82  Low: 64

Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list for free, call KTLO, Classic Hits and The Boot at 870-425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: 481-5822
Humane Society of NCA: 425-9221



On Caney Baker Road, a female chihuahua, that is salt and pepper color.  She has recently had puppies.  Call 727-271-7894.  (5/28)

Near Highway 5 South and Cardinal Drive in Mountain Home, a long-haired orange tabby cat with white highlights.  Call 708-952-9590. (5/28)

On County Road 16, a female brown and white Collie mix.  Call 481-5822. (5/26)

In Promise Land area, a female four-month-old chocolate lab mix and a male white German Shepherd with a multi-colored face.  Call 431-5360.  (5/26)

On Tucker Cemetery Road, old male 35-pound wirey-haired mixed color dog, wearing blue flea collar.  Call 430-5084. (5/23)

On Highway 5 South by Good Samaritan, a solid white, long hair, male Terrier mix, wearing a blue, red, green and orange collar.  Call 706-9255 or 736-4111. (5/22)

On Highway 5 South near Good Samaritan Village, a white male long-haired terrier wearing a rainbow collar.  Call 706-9255 or 736-4116.  (5/22)

In the Lakeview area, a male gray and white tiger striped cat.  Call 481-5822.  (5/21)

Near the Old Cotter Bridge on the Marion County side, a female apriocot colored Pomeranian. She has a lion hair cut and requires medication.  Call 656-9220. (5/20)

On Webber Road, a young male, black and grey Persian Cat.  Call 481-5757.  (5/20)

In the Gassville area, a female, dark tan pit bull with white markings, wearing a collar.  Call 404-0001.  (5/19)

In the Clarkridge area, near Treasure Cove Road, a sandy/orange cat.  Looks to be about 6-9 months old.  Call 425-3681.  (5/19)

Near the Zone, a young female black and white pit mix.  Call 404-4554.  (5/18)

In Midway, an intact-male beagle/dachsund mix.  He is brown with black and about five years old.  Call 656-6320.  (5/13) 

On Robinson Point, a neutered-male, Border Collie mix, black with a white stomach and paws wearing a brown canvas collar and a white flea collar.  Call 492-6807 or 405-3640.  (5/13)

In Carlile Highlands, off of Highway 5 South in Mountain Home, a female Yorkie that is approximately 4 pounds.  Call 318-780-4564.  (5/7)

In the Jordan Area, a female brown and black Shepherd mix.  Call 481-5822. (5/5)

By Gassville City Park, a male tiger striped cat.  Call 481-5822. (4/30)

In the Teal Point area, 2 small grey dogs wearing bandanas.  Call 492-4128. (4/30)

Near the Front Porch Restaurant in Yellville, a male catahoula, wearing a collar, appears to have been hit.  Call 863-450-5473. (4/26)

In Northern Hills, 15-pound black female dog with thin face.  Call 424-2694. (4/26)


On Highway 62 near The Zone, four-to-five-month-old khaki-colored female bulldog, wearing red spiked collar and red harness, answers to "Khaki."  Call 405-8774. (5/24)

In Clarkridge by CR 36 and Post Office on Highway 201 North, a black femle Pit mix with white on chest and nose.  She goes by the name of "Mira".  Call 421-5182. (5/21)

Off Highway 5 North near County Roads 13/27/25, a male black and white border collie.  He has a half white and half black face.  Call 421-2501.  (5/18)

Off Hicks Road in Mountain Home, a small, skinny white female cat with orange and grey stripe patches that has been recently spayed.  She goes by the name of "Mary Jane".  Call 321-4702. (5/13)

On Windbrook Street in Mountain Home, a male German Shepherd/Huskey mix.  Call 405-2270.  (5/12)

In the Peal area, around 125 North and Highway 14, a black and tan female Austrailian Shepherd mix that weighs about 55 pounds and goes by the name of "Fancy".  Large reward offered.  Call 870-504-0883. (4/20)

On Highway 14 and 125, an older female Yellow Lab with a white face, wearing a purple collar with Texas Tags.  Call 870-656-9811. (5/11)

On Green Ivy Drive near Buzzard Roost Road and the Sheid-Hopper Bypass, male 14-pound dark and light brown Pekingese, wearing black collar, needs medication.  Call 492-4344 or 421-5240. (5/3)

In the Blue Wing Mountain Subdivision, off Highway 201 North in Mountain Home a male black and tan Yorkie.  Goes by the name of Taz.  Call 425-5994. (4/30)

In Mountian Home, a female black and brown Australian Shepher Mix weighing about 560 pounds.  Please do not chase.  Just take a photo and call 870-504-0883.  Reward offered.  (4/30)

On April 26 near Daisy Shine Car Wash and Hickory Park, a small female black cat with green eyes.  Call 404-6177.  (4/29)

In Lakeview, a black cat wearing a green flea collar and a cat bell.  Call 870-620-0014.  (4/28)

At Wilderness Point in Henderson, a small pregnant orange cat.  Call 405-5835.  (4/24)

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