December 6, 2016
4:12 am
Rain: 7am to 7am:  .00"  Month: .33”  Year: 48.55"  |  Recorded temps:  High: 45 Low: 32

Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list for free, call KTLO, Classic Hits and The Boot at 870-425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: 481-5822
Humane Society of NCA: 425-9221


On 6th and College in Mountain Home, a male black and tan rotteweiler.  Call 404-0343.  (12/1)

Near Heritage Estates, a young, brown and white Lab mix wearing a camo collar with no tags. Call 425-3364. (11/30)

In the Buford/Cartney area, a female beagle mix.  Call 321-4588.  (11/28)

Found in the Pine Mountain Fire District/Marion County Roads 8060 and 8091 area, a pit bull pup wearing a blue collar with a black rope attached.  Call 870-436-8368.  (11/16)

On Highway 201 North, a male black lab with a white patch on its chest and white paws.  Call 736-3222.  (11/14)

South of the bypass on Highway 5 South, a small mixed breed male dog that is light brown with a dark saddle.  Call 321-3253.  (11/14)

In Gassville, across from Long John Silvers a female black Lab.  Call 405-1120.  (11/10)

In Midway, in the Cannie Baker/Webber Lane area, a minature Dachsund wearing a blue collar.  Call 870-321-3740.  (11/4)

On Cranfield Road, a large male brindle colored dog wearing a red and white collar.  Call 321-3102.  (11/01)

On Highway 5 South between Mountain Home and Salesville, male golden retriever mix.  Call 421-0285. (10/29)

On County Road 25, two cows and a bull.  Call 321-3613.  (10/25)

On Old Arkana near Hicks Road and Rossi Road, a young male, brown and white, beagle/boxer mix with a healed broken tail.  Call 425-0290.  (10/20)

On County Road 27 in Mountain Home, an older brown Pit Bull mix with white on chest.  Call 492-5883. (10/17)

On Howard Street by Edward Jones, black dog wearing blue collar.  Call 425-4984. (10/16)

At Bass Cat Boats in Midway, an orange/brown young male Boxer/Pit Bull mix with a white belly wearing a red collar.  Call Steven at 481-5135. (10/11)

At Kelly Thomas Nursery, a male black lab wearing a red collar.  Call 425-0288.  (10/10)

On Buzzard Roost Road off the Sheid-Hopper Bypass, black male huskey.  Call 405-1637. (9/30)

In Indian Creek, Mountain Home, a female grey and white cat.  Call 321-2290.  (9/30)

On County Road 46 between Henderson and Gamliel, a yound black male Lab mix wearing a collor with no tags.  Call 467-5728. (9/27)

On County Road 11, labrador puppy.  Call 321-8480. (9/25)

On Highway 5 North in Midway, a black male Lab with white feed wearing a blue collar.  call 431-4289. (9/23)

In Howard Creek area, a female, possibly a pit bull/bull dog mix, that is brindle, has had pups, and is wearing a canvas collar.  Call 431-8340.  (9/21)

On West Road, a Mother Bassett Hound with two babies.  Call 425-4334. (9/19)

On Basswood Drive, a large brown, possibly a pit bull, dog with a white belly.  Call 492-4581.  (9/19)

Between Midway and Lakeview in the High Ridge area, three dogs.  One is a tan male pit bull wearing a blue collar, one is a black dachsund mix wearing a black harness, the third is a reddis-black male mixed breed and is not wearing a collar.  Call 404-4888.  (9/14)


On Tipton Loop, a black female pit bull mix.  Call 405-4425.  (12/5)

2 dogs on Old Tracy Ferry Road in Mountain Home, a female black Lab named "Gigi" and a male brown and white Pit Bull mix wearing a collar and goes by the name of "Lucky".  Call 870-404-0001. (12/05)

Near Fairview Cemetery, 3-to-4 year old chocolate lab, 40-to-50 pounds, wearing camo collar with tags, reward offered, answers to "River."  Call 421-8649. (12/4)

On Pioneer Trail, two male beagles, answer to "Snoopy" and "Peanut."  Call 656-5585. (12/3)

In Gassville, a reddish, female Boxer puppy that answers to Remi.  Call 405-3437. (11/23)

In Carlisle Highlands, 2 lab mix dogs.  One is yellow, tall and thin and answers to "Ollie."  One is black, short and stocky and answers to "Mollie."  Call 421-5252. (11/12)

Downtown Mountain Home, a ten-week-old female cat that is tortoise shell color.  Call 491-5898.  (11/7)

In Norfork near Galatia Church, a female golden poddle with a white chest.  Call 870-427-0455.  (11/04)

Near Mountain Home High School, a male black dog with medium-length hair wearing a blue collar.  His name is Bear.  Call 425-9010.  (10/27)

On Highway 201 South near Shady Grove, a female black and white dog named Jupiter.  Call 425-8983.  (10/19)

On Highway 5 South in Mountain Home, a 2 month old brownish colored female kitten.  Call 870-491-5898. (10/19)

In the Woodridge of Mountain Home, close to Mountain Home Concrete on Highway 201 South a small female Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever puppy that weighs about 20 pounds.  She is wearing a harness but no tags. 
Call 870-202-3841. (10/18)

On College Street in Mountain Home, a female black and brown Min-Pin that weighs 13 pounds, has black rings around her eyes and is wearing a collar with no tags.  She goes by the name of Trixie.  Call 404-2319. (10/17)

In the Promise Land area, a male Huskey mix with black markings and wearing a green collar with no tags.  He goes by the name of "Train Wreak".  Call 870-321-2057. (10/14)

Between Yellville and Flippin on Highway 202, two male great dane/lab dogs.  One is black and the other is grey.  Call 870-405-2482.  (10/14)

Near Clarkridge, a four-month-old male chocolate lab wearing a camo collar.  Call 421-9833.  (10/14)

On East 9th Street in Mountain Home, near the Dollar General, a male ten-month-old grey tabby cat.  Call 404-4879.  (10/13)

On North Church Street in Mountain Home, a 17 year old white male cat with gray markings on his head.  Call 870-701-3078. (10/13)

In Pineville, male brown and white terrier mix, neutered, wearing brown collar with purple heart and the name "Haven" inscribed.  Reward offered.  Call 321-1535. (10/8)

On West Road, a small female brown dog named Saffire.  Call 656-9387.  (10/5)

Near Mountain Home High School, a small female golden colored dog with a black snout.  Call 870-425-9010.  (10/5)

In the area of CR 39, a black and tan male pub.  He answers to the name of Pug and has no collar.  Call 481-5473.  (10/4)

In Lakeway, a small tan dog.  No collar.  Call 404-6153.  (9/30)

Pets Looking for a Loving Home

Free - a male great dane/huskey mix dog.  Call 404-8709.  (10/28)