August 24, 2016
11:30 pm
Rain: 7am to 7am: .00"  Month: 6.51”  Year: 39.65"  |  Recorded temps:  High: 86 Low: 72

Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list for free, call KTLO, Classic Hits and The Boot at 870-425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: 481-5822
Humane Society of NCA: 425-9221


In the Buford/4 corners area, a female beagle wearing a green collar.  Call 425-0674.  (8/23)

On West Wade Street in Mountain Home, near ASU, a mother and her pup.  The mother is about two years old and is a black lab.  The pup is about six to eight months old and is black and tan.  Call 425-9190.  (8/19)

Near Pigeon Creek in the Eden Pond Subdivision, a young male black lab.  Call 424-0906.  (8/15)

On Panoramic Place in Mountain Home, large white cat.  Call 736-5618. (8/14)

Near Calamity Beach in Clarkridge, a medium-sized brindle colored dog.  Call 425-7283.  (8/10)

On Marion County 8060, a male dog, possibly a blue healer.  Call 436-5745.  (8/08)

At CCC Access in Yellville, male dog, could be German shepherd.  Call 449-4527. (8/7)

At CCC Access in Yellville, looks like hunting dog, brown with white freckles, no collar. Call 404-7043. (8/7)

On Highway 5 South, 40-pound blonde male dog, wearing big blue collar, very friendly.  Call 491-5898. (7/31)

In Yellville, a large long-haired, shaggy, black and white dog wearing a red collar.  Call 870-405-0393.  (7/28)

In Lakeview, a female Lab mix.  Call 630-248-2109. (7/25)

In the Pine Mountain Area on Welcome Ridge Road in Yellville, a young male  black and white short haried mix breed dog wearing a green collar.  Call 870-656-1119. (7/19)

Found on 7/16, In Southeast Yellville, on County Road 4018, two female puppies, no collars, one with black and caramel on ears and feet, the other caramel with a black muzzel. Not wearing any collars. Both look to be about three months old. Call 449-4018. (7/18)

In Midway, a grey and white male Border Collie.  Call 481-6071. (7/14)

In the Mallard Point area, a female, brindle colored Boxer that is approximately 6 to 8 months old.  Call 870-421-3522. (7/13)

On County Road 25, a male black puppy, possibly a Scottish terrier.  Call 481-5550.  (7/13) 

In Flippin, a male golden retriever about 8 to 9 years old with just a chain collar.  Call 453-8017. 

On County Road 27 and Cannie Baker Road, older male tan and white chihuahua mix, no collar.  Call 224-6064. (7/8)

On Highway 201 South on Willowesque Road, a dark colored female terrier.  Call 406-8433.  (7/7)

Small male brown dog on CR 28.  Black collar, no tags.  Call 425-5094.  (7/5)

On Cooper Street in Mountain Home, a female pug.  Call 405-0326.  (6/30)

By Bouquet Palace in Mountain Home a silver, black and white male Huskey with Collar and Tags that has wrong phone number.  Call 425-2193. (6/29)

On Highway 5 South, 1 mile past the Moose Lodge, a male Britney Spaniel and a male Golden Retriever.  Call 491-5898. (6/27)


In the Teal Point area,  a neutered, brownish/black male long haired cat that goes by the name of "Sherlock".  Call 421-0032. (8/22)

In the Lone Rock area near the fire station, a female doberman pincer.  She has had her ears cut, but they don't stand up properly.  Call 499-3214.  (8/17)

In the Briarcliff area, a female english pointer named Bella.  She is white and tan and wearing a collar.  Call 491-5481.  (8/12)

On Kathleen Street in Mountain Home, a medium size, short hair male red spotted dog with a red spot on his eye and also a female black and white short haired Boston Terrier.  Call 405-8929. (8/11)

On County Road 492 in Mountain Home, a border collie mix with white feet, white between the eyes and white on the chest.  Name is Sockie.  Call 706-0018.  (8/10)

In Midway near the airport, a male black and white border collie wearing a collar.  Call 404-3628.  (8/8)

West of High School in Yellville, an older male, yellow Lab wearing an orange collar  with tags.  Call 870-449-3021. (8/5)
Lost on 8/4/16 a 7 month old fawn, or tan color and white stocking, Boxer around 308 North Church Street in Mountain Home, Has gotten out before and been found around the Quail Run Apartments, KFC, Autozone, and  Holy Smokes area. Call or text (870-421-8768). (8/5) 

In Gassville, an 8-year-old black and brown long-haired dachsund wearing a red collar.  Call 421-5134.  (8/4)

In Midway by the Industrial Park,  a male black and white Australian Shepherd wearing a collar with no tags.  He goes by the name of JJ.  Call 404-0684. (8/1)

At Norfork Resort, black and white female pitbull/terrier mix, wearing Cardinals collar with tags.  Call 636-236-7392. (7/29)

Across from Walmart in Mountain Home, a spayed female black Lab Mix with 4 white socks and white on chest and is wearing a choker collar.  She goes by the name of "Socks".  Call 870-421-9931, 870-345-6441, or 870-321-3874. (7/15)

On Fawn Ridge Drive in Midway, 12-year-old red and white English bulldog, spayed, deaf, no collar, answers to "Hannah."  Call 870-431-8530, 563-581-2078 or 870-321-8786. (7/8)

On County Road 39, northwest of Mountain Home, a male white and brown walker/coon hound.  He is wearing a collar with tags.  Call 481-5090.  (7/8)

In Gassville on Old Cotter Road, a female fawn-colored boxer wearing a pink collar.  Call 371-2521.  (7/8)

In the Oakland area, a female Tabby cat.  Call 431-4341. (7/7)

On County Road 168 in Mountain Home, a white female great pyrennes named Princess.  She is wearing a purple collar.  Call 870-736-2471.  (7/5)

Lost in Monkey Run area, 7-8 month mixed female, short haired, chocolate colored with white feet and white chest. Call 870-421-7767 (7/4) 

On West Road off of Spring Valley Place, a black female Yorkie-Bichon mix wearing a collar.  Call 870-404-8890.  (7/5)

Female black mix lab on CR 28.  Blue collar, no tags.  Call 425-5094.  (7/5)

Pets Looking for a Loving Home

A female half lab half German pointer that looks like a dalmation.  She is house broken, 10 years old and healthy.  She is not good with kids.  Call 708-268-6412.  (8/17)

Black male chihuahua, approximately a year old, sweet and loving.  Call 453-5055. (7/31)

A nuetered male Pit Bull/Lab mix that weighs about 65 pounds, is house broken, has current shots and is good with kids.  He goes by the name of "Smokey".  Call 425-1312 or after 6:00 p.m. call 492-2258. (6/27)

2 baby kittens and 2 teenagers, black with white spots.  Must find home fast.  Call 870-656-4574.  (6/20)

Several rescued cats that have been spayed and nuetered.  Various ages and colors.  Call 481-5632 and leave message.  (6/14)

A very friendly and playful male, grey kitten that is 8 weeks old.  Call 870-656-9128. (6/10)