October 13, 2015
8:40 am
Rain: 7am to 7am: .00"  Month: .07”  Year: 45.36"  |  Recorded temps:  High: 85 Low: 57

Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list for free, call KTLO, Classic Hits and The Boot at 870-425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: 481-5822
Humane Society of NCA: 425-9221


See in Tucker Cemetary Road area, a grey parrot with black, white, and red on his tail.  Call 404-8857.  (10/01)

Northern Hills subdivision / Ouachita Avenue, large tan and white male dog, "wolf-like appearance", running from yard to yard. (9/24)

Near Buffalo City, a very large black male pit bull.  About 20-25 inches at shoulders.  Very healthy and friendly.  Call 425-4442. (9/23)

On Highway 14 south of Yellville, a female red doberman mix wearing a pink collar without tags.  Call 870-449-4857.  (9/21)

In Bull Shoals, a male Min-Pin mix.  Call 573-789-6506. (9/18)

On County Road 614, an older black male Chihuahua, weighs 10 pounds.  Call 481-5822. (9/15)

On County Road 39, a black and white female Beagle mix puppy, approximately 9 months old.  Call 481-5822. (9/15)
On County Road 25, two cats.  One is an orange male.  The other is a grey stripe.  Call 481-5785.  (9/15)

In Rolling Meadows, a part lab, approximately 6 months old, wearing a collar.  Call 417-818-8627.  (9/15)

Off Cannie Baker, near small lake, a dog.  Call Edward Kostachek, 424-7093 to identify. (9/14)

At Baxter Regional Medical Center, two dogs.  One is an older German shepherd and the other is a medium-sized black and white dog.  Call 508-3130.  (9/14)

On Highway 126 North, a black Lab mix with white on chest and opaw, weighs 53 pounds and is approximately 2 years old.  Call 870-481-5822. (9/10)

On Highway 5 North, in the Promise Land area, a yellow Lab mix that weighs 37 pounds and is approximately 1 and 1/2 years old.  Call 870-481-5822. (9/10)
At Novak Liquor in Midway, a male brindle pup, possibly great dane mix.  Call 481-5777.  (9/10)

In South Mountain Home, a young male black Lab.  Call 870-421-0938. (9/09)

At Casey's in Mountain Home, a female Calico Cat.  Call 421-7102. (9/6)

By the Citgo Station at Buzzard Roost and the Bypass, a reddish/brown, male Lab mix wearing a lime green collar.  He looks approximately 4 months old.  Call 870-656-8731. (9/4)

Near Epoxyn on College Street/201 South, a small brown collie/dachsund mix wearing a multi-color green and pink collar.  Call 421-5115.  (9/2)

On West Road and County Road 712, a male blonde Lab mix wearing a black nylon collar with skull and crossbones.  Call 870-481-5822. (9/1)

On Tucker Cemetery Road, a male reddish brown Boxer mix, that weighs about 60 pounds.  Call 870-481-5822. (9/1)

On County Road 4 in Gassville, a grey mature male great dane with white toes.  He is wearing a black collar with a broken chain.  Call 435-2152.  (9/1)

On Denton Ferry Road, 2 female Pit Bull mix dogs, one white and one black, both approximately 6-9 months old.  Call 870-481-5822. (8/28)


In the Yellville area, two female Dachsunds, one black and white and one brown and white.  Both are wearing collars.  They go by names of Maggie and Rosie.  Call 425-9500 or 321-5452. (10/12)

Near Pinkston, a spayed and declawed tabby cat wearing a blue rhinestone collar with a green tag.  Call 817-899-8011.  (10/05)

On County Road 8062 in the Monkey Hill Mine area at Mitchell Creek, male beagle wearing shock collar with owner's name and number.  Call 421-3421. (10/1)

In Spring Park, off Highway 201 North a male, cream colored long haired cat wearing a green and white collar with a bell.  He goes by the name of locey. (pronounced low-key)  Call 421-0053. (928)

Near Clarkridge, a female black and white with speckles, Boston terrier mix.  She has been missing about a week.  Call 421-9833.  (9/25)

Off of Highway 201 South and County Road 618 on Amarilla Drive, a small blonde tea cup chihuahua wearing a pink collar.  Her name is Baby Girl.  Call 870-416-3896.  (9/22)

Pets Looking for a Loving Home

Pyradoor puppies.  Call 870-736-1941.  (10/06)