July 24, 2014
1:24 am
RAIN:  7AM to 7AM:  .00"    Month:  1.39”    Year:  24.50”   |  TEMPS:  High: 88  Low: 74

Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list absolutely free, call KTLO and Classic Hits 101.7 at 425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: 481-5822
Humane Society of NCA: 425-9221
Perry's Orphans' Sanctuary: 431-8354


In the Three Brothers Area, a male brown/white Pit Bull.  Call 481-5822. (7/23)

In the Three Brothers Area, a female brown/white Terrier mix.  Call 481-5822. (7/23)

On Highway 126, a male brown and white Terrier mix.  Call 481-5822, (7/21)
In the Three Brothers area, on County Road 16, two male Beagle/Collie/Cattle Dog mix.  On is brown and white and the other one is black and white and has one blue eye and one white eye.  Call 481-6304. (7/21)

At Heritage Estates on Old Military Road, a miniature pincher.  Call 421-3560.  (7/21)

At Days Inn, black puppy, approximately four to six months old.  Call 425-1010. (7/20)

Near Beltone Hearing Center on College Street in Mountain Home, a Lhasa-Apso.  Call Alice at Gregory Jewelry 425-2542. (7/16)

In the Clarkridge area, a brown male Pit Bull mix.  Call 481-5822. (7/15)

On Tracy Ferry Road, a Dachshund pup.  Call 870-756-0206. (7/14)

In the Jeep area, a male Chocolate Lab wearing a collar.  Call 636-359-5869. (7/14)

On Sierra Drive in Mountain Home, a male Husky/German Shepherd mix wearing a collar with "Buddy" on the tags.  Call 424-4424.  (7/11)

In the Buford area, a male, Chocolate Lab.  Call 424-2180. (7/10)

On Highway 62 East in Mountain Home, a black and white kitten.  Call 481-5822. (7/8)

On County Road 69 in Mountain Home, a white, male Shepherd mix. Call 481-5822. (7/8)

On North College Street in Mountain Home, a brown and black, male Chihuahua wearing a collar with no tags.  Call 870-656-6481. (7/7)
On Weatherwood Drive, black male chihuahua.  Call 405-4023. (7/4)

On Webber Road, a cow.  Call 404-9764. (7/2)

At Town East Center and Harp's, a young black lab wearing a red collar.  Call 405-9659.  (7/2)

On Cedar Street, behind Harp's in Mountain Home, a small, black male Chihuahua mix.  Call 870-405-3588. (6/30)

On County Road 127 in Mountain Home, a solid black, 6 to 8 week old female kitten.  Call 421-5028. (6/30)

Near Ralph, a medium-sized male black dog wearing a blue collar.  Call 449-6644.  (6/30)

Near Challenges at the Zone, German shepherd.  Call 321-5956. (6/28)

On Highway 62 East, a female Calico Cat and 6 Baby’s.  Call 481-5822. (6/26)

Near Garden Terrace and Buford Road Cutoff, a young female German shepherd.  Call 405-3833.  (6/26)

In the Monkey Run area, a solid black, long-haired Dachsund mix.  Call 421-0341. (6/20)

On Buford road, a young female light tan and white walker hound wearing an orange, blue and green collar.  Call 656-0720.  (6/20)


In Ralph, a grey miniature schauzer that has just been groomed and has a red, white and blue bow and wearing a red collar.  Call 870-321-0714 or 479-866-7938.  (7/18)

In the Cardinal and First Street area of Mountain Home, a female rough coat Jack Russell that has an all white face and brown ears and goes by the name of U.B.  Call 321-4110. (7/17)

In the Jordan area, 2 male Yorkies. One is wearing a collar with tags and the other one is not.  Call 870-321-4873. (7/16)

In Bull Shoals, a male Chocolate Lab with 3 legs and goes by the name of "Bear".  Call 870-615-0639. (7/14)

In Bull Shoals, a male chocolate lab with three legs and wearing a blue collar.  Call 870-615-0639 or 870-269-8774.  (7/11)

On Cedar Street in Mountain Home, a small sable/tri-color, female Sheltie.  Call 404-6264 or 870-548-4803. (7/10)

Off of Cedar Street in Mountain Home - a sable-colored female Sheltie named Allie. She has been missing since Wednesday, July 9th. She was spayed on Tuesday, and incision still visible.  Call 870-754-4083.

On County Road 69 in the Arkana area, a younger male German Shepherd wear a collar with tags that goes by the name of Willie.  Call 870-404-0815 or 901-826-4559. (7/7)

On County Road 6014 by Mill Creek, a spayed, brown, black and white tabby female Polydactyly cat.  Her name is Angelina.  Call 870-656-6570. (6/30)

On Highway 5 South, shih tzu named "Gizmo."  Call 421-3675. (7/5)

On Coley Drive, one-year-old black and mahogany rottweiler, wearing black collar with no tags.  Call 706-9348 or 424-3860. (7/4)

On Cedar and Cardinal in Mountain Home, a friendly but shy, spayed white female Basenji/Austrialian Shepherd that has a rust color dot on forehead and hindend and rust color on ears.  She goes by the name of Sammie and is wearing a color with California tags.  Call 404-7552 or 435-2920. (7/2)

On Highway 5 North near Kelly Thomas, a neutered-male black lab mix dog wearing a brown collar.  Call 421-2501.  (6/30)

On Cardinal Drive and Spring Street, two medium-size reddish-brown dogs, male answers to "Sammy," female answers to "Suzie."  Call 404-7552. (6/28)

On South College Street, three dogs.  Call 425-1491. (6/28)

On Highway 62 East near Cranfield Road and Ozark Boat Docks, a white wire haired Jack Russell Terrier that has a black and brown face.  Call 321-5258.  (6/27)

At Hickory Park, a long-haired, neutered-male, brown, black, grey, and white stripe cat that has a scratchy meow.  Call 404-6177.  (6/25)

On Tucker Cemetary Road, a female white poodle wearing a collar.  Call 415-847-4158.  (6/24)

In Henderson, old red blind minature dachsund.  Call 405-2195. (6/20)

In Gassville near McDonald's, a six-week old male brown, white and black chihuahua pup named Mojo.  Call 656-6581.  (6/20)

Near Pigeon Creek and Kingswood Boulevard, a brown and white border collie.  Call 656-3163.  (6/19)

Pets Looking for a Loving Home

A 3 year old male, Blue Healer/Lab mix that is very friendly, house trained and gets along well with children.  Call 404-7771. (7/15)

A laid back black dog that needs lots of room to run.  He has all his shots and is house trained.  Call 870-424-2841. (7/7)

A female black kitten about 6-8 weeks old.  Call 421-5028.  (6/30)

Two 8 or 9 week old kittens, one is male and one is female.  The female has stripes, the male is black and white.  Call 870-656-6570. (6/30)

Litter trained kittens.  Call 424-0133.  (6/25)