April 1, 2015
3:09 am
RAIN:  7AM to 7AM:  .00"    Month:  7.98”    Year:  14.01"   |  TEMPS:  High: 73  Low: 54

Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list absolutely free, call KTLO and Classic Hits 101.7 at 425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: 481-5822
Humane Society of NCA: 425-9221


On First Street in Mountain Home, a female, possibly a Jack Russell that is white with brindle.  Call 424-5878.  (3/31)

On County Road 11, a smaller tan and white dog.  Call 323-461-0665.  (3/30)

In the Gassville area, a tan, female  Shih-Tzu.  Call 481-5822. (3/30)

Near Pigeon Creek on CR 784, a male golden retriever mix that is about 4-5 years old.  Call 425-4525.  (3/30)

On County Road 27, a female white, black and brown Jack Russell.  Call 481-5822. (3/27)

At Cooper and Cone Streets near Talburt Cemetery, mostly brown short-haired dog, wearing pink collar with no tags.  Call 421-5375. (3/28)

Near the Farm Bureau in Mountain Home, a female bassett mix.  Call 425-4525 or 425-2991.  (3/27)

In the Gassville area, a female Calico Cat.  Call 481-5822. (3/27)

On County Road 625,  Four Great Pyrenees Mix Puppies.  Call 481-5822. (3/23)

On Highway 62 in Gassville, next to the Library a female, orange Tabby cat.  Call 656-5380 or 736-3660. (3/23)

On 4th and College, large brown neutered male mastiff mix, no collar.  Call 431-8229. (3/21)

On Highway 201 South, between Hicks and Old Military Roads, a very friendly male Airedale wearing a blue collar.  Call 425-5825. (3/19)

At the intersection of County Road 25 and County Road 39 in Midway, 2 male labs - one black and one yellow that look about 9 months old.  Call 736-1124 or 736-1129. (3/18)

On County Road 702, a female brown and black Pit Bull Puppy.  Call 481-5822.  (3/18)

On County Road 508, a male white/brown Anatolian Shepherd.  Call 481-5822. (3/18)
On Waverly Road, by Acumen Audio in Mountain Home a very small female Chihuahua (about 6 to 8 inches long) with the markings of a doberman.  Call 870-710-2496.  (3/18)

Nine miles south of Yellville on Hwy. 14, a female terrier type puppy.  Call 870-449-4213.  (3/13)

On 6th Street behind Porter's Pawn in Mountain Home, a 8 year old spayed female, brindle English Mastiff female that is friendly and slightly skiddish.  Call 870-421-7217.  (3/13)

At Project Love in Mountain Home, four puppies.  Free to good home.  Call 424-6080.  (3/13)

In the Buford area, a male white with black spots pit bull.  Call 481-5822.  (3/11)

Near Tracy Ferry and Rocky Ridge, a male beagle.  Call 421-1834.  (3/11)
In the Midway area, a female, white and gray Cat.  Call 481-5822. (3/10)

In the area of County Road 39, a young male hound dog wearing a collar, looking emaciated. Call 481-5007, or Jodi at 425-6354.  (3/10)

In Gamaliel on Highway 101, a young (about 6 months old) female black dog with some white.  Call 467-5696.  (2/27)


In the Briarcliff area, near Minnow Bucket Park, a gold Border Collie wearing a red collar.  Call 656-2368. (3/23)

By Dollar General on Highway 5 South in Mountain Home, a male, black and grey Blue Healer/Rat Terrier mix that goes by the name of "Boy".  Call 404-7753. (3/18)

In the George's Cove Area, off of Highway 5 South, a female black and tan Rottweiller Shepherd mix.  She is verry gentle and sweet and will not bite.  Her name is Ariah (uh-rye-uh) but is very shy and scared so if you see her approach her gently and call the Humane Society for help.  $100.00 reward when found and returned.  Call 815-222-5898 or 870-421-2967. (3/17)

In Midway, a dishwater blonde, male Yorkieshoe that has an outtie belly button.  He goes by the name of Bandit and is wearing a pink collar.  Call 421-7747 or 321-8591. (3/17)

On Hammerschmidt Hill in Yellville, a brown female Shitzu that goes  by the name of Sassy.  Call 870-405-0966. (3/13)

On Red Bud and Overlook, a male tan chihuahua.  Call 706-0555.  (3/12)

Near Walker Auction, a neutered-male, black mixed breed dog with long hair, and he is about 2' tall.  His name is Jack.  Call 421-0105.  (3/12)

In the Lone Rock area, two male dogs.  One is a 200 pound white pyrenees, the other is 175 pound black and grey anatolian.  Their names are Max and Hawkeye.  Call 499-0363.  (3/11)

Near the high school in Mountain Home, a male orange tabby cat.  Call 424-0843.  (3/11)

On South Johnson Street in Gassville, two female dogs - a Boston terrier and a red boxer.  Both are red and white.  Call 870-778-0145.  (3/11)

On CR 784/782 on Highway 201 North, a male blue pit bull that is very friendly.  He answers to Zeus.  $500 reward offered.  Call 404-2355 or 870-736-6203.  (3/11)

In Midway, a male redbone coonhound wearing a collar.  There is a $50 reward.  Call 870-278-8781.  (3/10)

Between Highway 5 South and Highway 201 South, a male Beagle with the end of his tail bent.  He goes by the name of Bently.  Call 870-656-0627. (3/9)

In Rea Valley, two horses.  One is dark brown, almost black, wearing a blue harness.  The other is red chestnut wearing a red halter.  Call 903-754-9914.  (3/6)

On Weber Road, a young male Jack Russell mix pup wearing a black collar.  Cal l321-3599.  (3/6)

On Buzzard Roost Road, a blonde male pekinese wearing a collar.  His name is Charlie.  Call 492-5420.  (3/4)

In Cotter, a male shepherd mix no larger than 30 pounds with a white chest and injured right front leg.  He answers to Doja.  Call 321-2478.  (2/27)

Pets Looking for a Loving Home

Spayed female blonde lab mix, about 2 years old and weighing 100 pounds.  She is great with kids and has had all her shots.  Owner is ill and cannot take care of her anymore.  Call 407-495-9351.  (3/24)

Three cats, one neutered male, and two spayed female cats.  Owner has passed away and they need a good home.  Call 573-823-7580. 

Female Pit Bull, black. Shots up-to-date and spayed. Good with children and other dogs. Call 656-5608.