April 23, 2014
6:27 pm
RAIN:  7AM to 7AM:  .00"    Month:  4.01”    Year:  10.98”   |  TEMPS:  High: 75  Low: 51

Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list absolutely free, call KTLO and Classic Hits 101.7 at 425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: 481-5822
Humane Society of NCA: 425-9221
Perry's Orphans' Sanctuary: 431-8354


At Edgewood Bay in Lakeview, a male lab mix with white paws, a white chest and wearing a choker collar.  Call 431-8030.  (4/23)

On 4th Street, a female Syberian huskey wearing a pink collar.  Call 736-0896.  (4/23)

Around Gassville Gardens, a male red Mini-Pin with ears that stand straight up and has a bob tail and is wearing a bronz collar with no tags.  He weighs about 6 pounds and comes to the name of "Cricket".  Call 404-7478 or 453-2583. (4/23)

On County Road 25 near Webber Road, a black cocker spaniel.  Call 736-1124.  (4/21)

In the Fairview area, a neutered male Beagle.  Call 404-8305. (4/21)

Southern Meadows on Ivy and Pine Tree, small black and white terrier with collar and older rabies tag. Call John Swift at 870-656-4463

On County Road 27, between J & L and 4-way Stop in Mountain Home a black and tan female Min-Pin puppy wearing a black collar.  Call 481-5352. (4/16)

On Bogart Lane,  a male Yellow Lab.  Call 481-5822. (4/15)

On the bypass near the First Baptist Church, a male golden retriever/lab mix.  Call 421-1775.  (4/15)

In Indian Creek, a brown and tan mixed breed dog.  Call 424-2285 or 404-6686.  (4/14)

Near Gassville Post Office, a long-haired male dachsund wearing a collar.  736-6080.  (4/14)

In Pebble Creek by Spring Street and 1st Street, a small, light brown, short hair female dog with a red rope around neck.  Call 425-6413. (4/14)

On Highway 201 North and County Road 782/784, a male yellow lab wearing a black and chain collar.  Call 404-2355.  (4/11)

On McCracken Ridge in Promise Land area, a grey cat with stripes.  Call 431-4458.  (4/10)

On Buzzard Roost near Twin Lakes Golf Course, a black female puppy that is possibly a Yorkie mix.  Call 421-7098 or 492-4136.  (4/9)

On County Road 619, a male Beagle.  Call 481-5822. (4/8)

At Mountain Home High School, a male boxer puppy.  Call to identify at 404-7195.  (4/7)

On Jordan Road, a male medium sized brown and black dog.  Call 499-5399.  (4/4)

In Midway, a tan and white male pug mix that has black around nose, eyes and ears.  Call 405-8634. (4/4)

Off County Road 36 in Clarkridge, an older, neutered male, black Lab.  Call 425-6201. (4/4)
In Lakeview, a small white, curly hair, female dog wearing a red collar.  Call 404-7826.  (4/3)]

At the Dog Park in Mountain Home, next to Keller Park, a male white with brown spots Great Dane wearing a blue collar and a female Great Dane/Catahula Mix wearing a stripe collar.  Call 321-7525. (3/31)

At 519 Newton Street in Mountain Home,  near the intersection of HWY 5/HWY 201 - 20 lb golden retriever/terrier mix puppy - green eyes, and black spot on tail. No collar or tags. Call 425-3330 or 404-9699. (3/30)

On Windbrook Street near Harps, a male, could be miniature pincher mix, dog about 12 pounds.  Call 580-0107.  (3/27)

On Lee Cemetery Road, Northwest of Summit, a black female Persian cat.  Call 449-5990. (3/27)

On County Road 11, a red/golden male shihtzu mix.  Call 425-4525.  (3/20)

Near Potterville, north of Mountain Home, two mixed breed puppies.  They were traveling with a larger dog wearing a red collar.  Call 417-293-7583.  (3/19)

In the Gassville Park, a male orange cat.  Call 481-5822. (3/19)

On Russell Lane in Mountain Home, a small white Poodle or Poodle mix wearing a black collar and leash.  Call 404-5870. (3/18)

Off County Road 635, in the Bufford area, a small male Beagle with no collar.  Call 424-4290. (3/17)

In the Pebble Creek area, a male Beagle wearing a collar with no tags.  Call 656-8484.  (3/13)

Near Cranfield, a wolf hybrid.  Call 736-1180 (3/12)

On Highway 5 North, behind ABC Printing, a white medium size female dog that has black eyes, ears, and ring around tail.  Call 425-2795. (3/10)


Near Promise Land, a male sheltie.  Call 431-5579.  (4/23)

On County Road 781, across from AM & N on Highway 201 North an older black Cocker Spaniel that is deaf and almost blind.  He goes by the name of "Ozzie".  Last seen on CR 25.  Reward offered.  Call 424-4926 or 404-0750.  (4/18)
On Highway 14 North six miles past Summit, an older female miniature dachsund.  Call 449-4374.  (4/23)

Off Robinson Point, black and white 30-pound female cocker spaniel, wearing brown collar with tags, answers to "Dolly" or "Molly."  Call 405-1545. (4/19)

On Peachtree Drive off Pioneer Trail, across from Walmart in Mountain Home, a 1 1/2 year old female tortoise shell cat that has a big orange splash on face and she answers to "Swazy".  Call 508-0560. (4/16)

By Camps Plants in Midway, a female black and tan Dachshund wearing a red collar and goes by the name of "Minnie Pearl".  Call 430-9119. (4/16)

In Cotter, a spayed female, black and white, Syberian husky with blue eyes.  Call 656-6164.  (4/15)

On Magic Mountain near Yellville, a ginny mule named Nellie wearing a red halter.  Call 224-277-2579.  (4/10)

In the Norfork/Jordan area a male Pug named "T-Bone".  Call 870-291-7295 or 321-7663. (4/9)

On County Road 1420 between Clarkridge and Mountain Home, an older neutered, male, reddish and white Dauchund wearing a maroon collar with tags.  He goes by the name of Rusty and has cataracts.  Call 481-6573. (4/4)

In Carlyle Highlands on Gregg Road, off Highway 5 South in Mountain Home, a male black and tan Poodle named Carmel and is wearing a reflective collar.  Call 425-9321. (4/3)

Between Hospital Drive and Columbia Street in Mountain Home, a male Cocker Spaniel that is mainly black with a golden belly and some white.  Call 321-1094. (4/2)

At Gassville Gardens, a male red Mini-Pin with ears that stand straight up and has a bob tail and is wearing a bronz collar with no tags.  He weighs about 6 pounds and goes by the name of "Cricket".  Call 314-412-1146. (4/1)

On County Road 39, and last seen on County Road 25 & County Road 39 a male Jack Russell mix wearing a black collar with white bones and paw prints on it - he has a little hop when he runs - answers to George.  Call 421-2807. (3-11)

On Cannie Baker and Weber Lane, and last seen on Lonon Place in Mountain Home, a medium size, black and white female dog named "Goofy".  She might still be wearing her collar and chain.  Call 421-4011. (3/26)

Between the Fairgrounds and Highway 62 West in Mountain Home, a bobtailed male grey cat that has two white stars on belly and has bandages on front claws.  He goes by the name of "Kinky".  Call 404-3711. (3/24)

On County Road 1073 in Buford, a male huskey-type puppy.  Call 424-4286.  (3/20)

In the Rodney/Jordan area, a large brown and white male cat that goes by the name of "Roscoe".  Call 870-499-7365. (3/17)

Near Cartney, a one-year-old male black schnauzer wearing a blue collar with tags.  Call 901-674-2240.  (3/14)

Near ASU in Mountain Home, an all black German Shepherd wearing an orange collar.  Call 870-589-1163.  (3/13)

On County Road 11, off Highway 5 North about two miles from Mountain Home, a female miniature silver-gray poodle.  Call 425-8437 or 736-3336.  (3/13)

Pets Looking for a Loving Home

A mother cat and 6 kittens that are 4 to 5 weeks old.  There are five black and one brindle.  Call 870-706-7290.  (4/11)

Small spayed female Yorkie/beagle mix about 6-7 years old.  Call 424-6068 after 5p.m. or leave a message.  (4/7)

6 Weeks Old  Pit Bull Puppies.  Call 481-5822. (4/7)

A male blue healer/Boston terrier mix about 3-4 months old.  Call 405-4452.  (4/4)

A female, black and tan, 3 and half year old Shiba Inu dog and a 7 year old nuetered male, Seal Point Siemesse cat.  Moving and must find a good home.  Call 445-3907. (3/24)