October 1, 2014
12:58 am
RAIN:  7AM to 7AM:  .00"    Month:  3.52”    Year:  32.71”   |  TEMPS:  High: 82  Low: 62

Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list absolutely free, call KTLO and Classic Hits 101.7 at 425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: 481-5822
Humane Society of NCA: 425-9221
Perry's Orphans' Sanctuary: 431-8354

In Henderson, a female white long-haired dog with reddish spots.  Call 785-633-6948.  (9/26)

On County Road 7, a female tiger stripe cat.  Call 481-5822.  (9/23)

At the Cotter High School, a female black terrier mix.  Call 481-5822.  (9/23)

Kingswood Estates on Highway 201 N, a small, male cream colored dog. No collar. Call (870) 404-9882. (9/21)

In the Briarcliff area, a female black cat.  Call 481-5822. (9/17)

In Gainesville, or free to a good home, two cats.  Call 417-989-1077.  (9/17)

On Highway 5 South near Tracy Ferry Road, a young orange female cat wearing a pink collar with a bell.  Call 405-8704.  (9/17)

On Highway 5 South near Pete's Cleaners, a small, spayed female, brindle mixed breed dog with four white feet.  She is about 4 years old and is housebroken.  Call 421-2466.  (9/17)

On Highway 5 North in Mountain Home, near the Sports Academy Gym, a brindle, male Boxer mix that has white paws and floppy ears and is wearing a green collar.  Call Gail's Second Chance Pet Rescue at 431-8229.  (9/16)

In the Gassville area, a neutered male Brandle and White Pit Bull.  Call 481-5822. (9/15)

In Henderson, a small neutered-male, reddish/brown, about 45 pound shepherd mix.  Dog has micro chip.  Call 731-988-8626.  (9/15)

On County Road 496, a small male chocolate beagle.  Cal 736-1088.  (9/12)

Hidden Valley Road in Buford - a black and white female dog. collar with word 'wolf' on it, but no id tags. Call 405-5632. (9/9)

Quail Run Apartments off 201 N Mountain Home, adult female calico cat, tan grey and white, wearing a purple and a green collar. Call 321-1063 (9/7)
On Buford Spur, a male, chocolate Lab Mix wearing a camo collar with no tags.  Call 424-3419. (9/4)
In the Briarcliff area, a black and tan male pup about 8 weeks old.  Looks like part German shepherd.  Call 491-5260.  (8/29)

On the bypass in Mountain Home, a female black lab wearing a collar.  She appears to have just had puppies.  Call 421-4122.  (8/19)

In the Midway area, near Lakeview-Midway Water, an older female Shih-Tzu that is almost blind with eye's glazed over from cateracs.  She is also very hard of hearing and may be wearing a pink rhinestone collar.  Call 909-456-4508. (8/18)


At Old College Place, an orange and white, neutered male, cat wearing a black collar with tags.  Call 870-291-3080.  (9/30

On Buzzard Roost Cutoff area, a 8-month-old chocolate lab.  Call 656-7827.  (9/28)

On Gray Street near Annette's Flowers, an orange male cat with a black stripe on it's side.  Call 424-7673.  (9/26)

On Caney Baker Road, a blond pit bull/boxer mix named Buddy and wearing a red collar.  Call 404-1793. (9/24)

On Justis Street near 6th and College Streets, a female white lab and a male chocolate lab.  Call 405-2495.  (9/23)

On Slick Rock Road near the boat storage, a small female chihuahua/ Yorkie mix that is all black and weighs about five pounds.  Call 870-321-2131.  (9/22)

On Highway 5 North of Midway, a neutered-male, dark brown and white, older pit mix with a lot of gray on his face.  Call 736-2244.  (9/15)

On Highway 62 West in Mountain Home, near Bomber Boulevard, a 4 year old, neutered black male cat that goes by the name of "Nuk-noi".  Call 656-4018. (9/11)

On Caney-Baker Road, a male brown Jack Russell terrier that has a white chest and white front left paw.  He is wearing a faded red collar and flea collar.  Call 404-1048.  (9/11)

In the Rea Valley Area, a 10 year old male red and white Pit Bullthat is very friendly.  Small reward offered on any information.  Call 453-2917. (9/10)

Between Old Military Road and County Road 604, a black and white, one year old, female cat.  Call 404-0262.  (9/9)

On County Road 16 in the Three Borthers area, a year and half old female, Yellow Lab.  Call 481-6440 or 404-8612. (9/5)

On Driftwood Drive in the Camelot Subdivision & Walker Road area, an older black and white tuxedo male cat.  He goes by the name of Tetter.  Call 404-1470. (9/3)

Near Buzzard Roost Inn on Buzzard Roost Road a black and white female cat.  Call 404-8562.  (8/27)

In Midway on CR 1088 near the gun club, a three-month-old black female kitten wearing a purple flea/tick collar.  Call 481-5306.  (8/25)

On Buzzard Roost Road, an older female brown dachsund wearing a reddish flea collar.  Call 405-3713.  (8/19)

Pets Looking for a Loving Home

Male red healer mix.  Call 424-2715.  (9/18)

Four beautiful dogs.  All have been spayed or neutered.  All are very gentle.  Owner must give away, moving.  Call 405-6678.  (9/17)

Four kittens.  Call 467-5781 or 405-2542.