September 26, 2016
3:45 pm
Rain: 7am to 7am: .01"  Month: 1.57”  Year: 41.23"  |  Recorded temps:  High: 89 Low: 58

Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list for free, call KTLO, Classic Hits and The Boot at 870-425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: 481-5822
Humane Society of NCA: 425-9221


By McCoy Chiropractic on Highway 62 West in Mountain Home, a brown female Chihuahau.  Call 425-2384. (9/26)

On County Road 11, labrador puppy.  Call 321-8480. (9/25)

On Highway 5 North in Midway, a black male Lab with white feed wearing a blue collar.  call 431-4289. (9/23)

In Howard Creek area, a female, possibly a pit bull/bull dog mix, that is brindle, has had pups, and is wearing a canvas collar.  Call 431-8340.  (9/21)

On West Road, a Mother Bassett Hound with two babies.  Call 425-4334. (9/19)

On Basswood Drive, a large brown, possibly a pit bull, dog with a white belly.  Call 492-4581.  (9/19)

Between Midway and Lakeview in the High Ridge area, three dogs.  One is a tan male pit bull wearing a blue collar, one is a black dachsund mix wearing a black harness, the third is a reddis-black male mixed breed and is not wearing a collar.  Call 404-4888.  (9/14)

On Buzzard Roost near Slick Rock Road, a young black lab wearing a collar with tags and the name Shevelle on it.  Call 421-7440.  (9/9)

Near 201 North in Mountain Home, a calico cat, appears to be an indoor cat. Call 424-2583.  (9/5)

On North Street in Mountain Home, a female red healer wearing a collar.  Call 425-6201.  (9/1)

2 miles east of Summit, a reddish-brown female Beagle mix wearing a leather collar with no tags.  Call 870-449-4854. (9/1)

In the Buford/4 corners area, a female beagle wearing a green collar.  Call 425-0674.  (8/23)


On Driftwood Drive behind Baxter Lab, silver-grey Yorkie.  Call 404-7133. (9/17)

Highway 201 North south of Pigeon Creek, a small tannish/brown female dog wearing a grey flea collar.  Call 424-4094.  (9/16)

On County Road 784 in Mountain Home, a dark male Siemese cat that is declawed.  Call 404-2355. (9/16)

In the Briarcliff area, 3 young black Bulls.  Call Bob Tetter at 870-421-6003. (8/30)

In the Teal Point area,  a neutered, brownish/black male long haired cat that goes by the name of "Sherlock".  Call 421-0032. (8/22)

Pets Looking for a Loving Home

Free to good homes, eight poodles.  Owner is sick and can no longer take care of them.  Call 386-295-3155.  (9/12)

A female half lab half German pointer that looks like a dalmation.  She is house broken, 10 years old and healthy.  She is not good with kids.  Call 708-268-6412.  (8/17)