October 21, 2014
7:00 am
RAIN:  7AM to 7AM:  .00"    Month:  6.10”    Year:  38.81”   |  TEMPS:  High: 71  Low: 52

Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list absolutely free, call KTLO and Classic Hits 101.7 at 425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: 481-5822
Humane Society of NCA: 425-9221
Perry's Orphans' Sanctuary: 431-8354


In the Norfork area, a black/brown/white female Beagle .  Call 481-5822. (10/20)

Between Flippin and Fairview on MC 7012, two male pups about 3 to 4 months old.  Call 870-453-3571.  (10/20)

At the Gun Club a male black and brown German Shepherd.  Call 481-5822. (10/16)

On County Road 25, a white female Pit Bull with black spots.  Call 481-5822. (10/14)

West of Flippin, off Highway 62 a black and grey striped cat.  Call 453-6691.  (10/14)

On County Road 302, off Tracy Ferry Road, an older black Lab wearing a red collar.  Call 870-321-6744. (10/13)

On Howard Street in Mountain Home, a male white pit bull wearing a black collar.  He is deaf.  Call 425-4984.  (10/7)

On County Road 10, a male black and white collie mix.  Call 481-5822.  (10/7)

On College Street, a neutered-male chihuahua wearing a black spiked collar with tags - his name is Elvis.  Call 425-4525 or 421-9671.  (10/3)

On Highway 201 North in Mountain Home, a dog that looks like a little heeler.  It has a black speckled body with red speckled face, ears and front legs.  It is wearing a black collar with a flea and tick collar.  Call 425-4525.  (10/2)

In Henderson, a female white long-haired dog with reddish spots.  Call 785-633-6948.  (9/26)

On County Road 7, a female tiger stripe cat.  Call 481-5822.  (9/23)

At the Cotter High School, a female black terrier mix.  Call 481-5822.  (9/23)

Kingswood Estates on Highway 201 N, a small, male cream colored dog. No collar. Call (870) 404-9882. (9/21)


On County Road 301, at the corner of Old Tracy Road and Highway 5, a neutered male German Shepher/Lab mix wearing a purple collar with tags and goes by the name of "McKanda".  Call 870-321-7057. (10/20)

At Old College Place, an orange and white, neutered male, cat wearing a black collar with tags.  Call 870-291-3080.  (9/30)

In the Ralph area, near the fire station, a strawberry blonde female Terrier mix that is about 15 pounds.  She answers to the name of Fooks.  Call 449-4558. (10/14)

On Wade Street in Mountain Home, an all black German Shepherd wearing an orange collar and goes by the name of "Grizzle".  Call 870-589-1163. (10/13)

At Allen's Grocery in Summit, a small to medium female black Lab mix with a white star on her chest.  Call 449-6581. (10/13)

Between Pigeon Creek and Clarkridge on Highway 201North, a white male chow that has a chip and goes by the name of "Coda" and a male Germon Shepherd mix puppy wearing a blue collar and goes by the name of "Ruger".  They were last seen on County Road 1434.  Call 870-656-5580 or 580-492-5066. (10/13)

On County Road 703 in Cotter, off Denton Ferry Road, a large, black and gold male Yorkie that weighs about 18 pounds and has medical problems.  Might be still wearing a sky blue mesh harness with tags.  $300.0 reward offered.  Call 430-5886. (10/10)

Kingsbury Estates and Buzzard Roost, a female red healer mix with one blue eye and one brown eye.  Her name is Paisley.  Call 656-0547.  (10/06)

In Gassville, a male black and white shihtzu.  Call 405-1360.  (10/02)

On Buzzard Roost Cutoff area, a 8-month-old chocolate lab.  Call 656-7827.  (9/28)

On Gray Street near Annette's Flowers, an orange male cat with a black stripe on it's side.  Call 424-7673.  (9/26)

On Caney Baker Road, a blond pit bull/boxer mix named Buddy and wearing a red collar.  Call 404-1793. (9/24)

On Justis Street near 6th and College Streets, a female white lab and a male chocolate lab.  Call 405-2495.  (9/23)

On Slick Rock Road near the boat storage, a small female chihuahua/ Yorkie mix that is all black and weighs about five pounds.  Call 870-321-2131.  (9/22)

Pets Looking for a Loving Home

A black and grey striped cat.  Call 453-6691.  (10/14)

A 10 month old male Jack Russell mix that is sweet, loving and playfull.  Call 870-405-3887. (10/13)

A tangerine male cat about 8 years old.  Has been neutered and had all his shots.  He would be a good companion for an older person, but not good with children.  Call 321-0981.  (10/02)