August 28, 2014
12:25 am
RAIN:  7AM to 7AM:  .00"    Month:  .59”    Year:  27.79”   |  TEMPS:  High: 96  Low: 72

SONY RDC-W500C CD RECORDER $150 FIRM !!! (630) 408-0794


This is a CD Recorder and has a built in 2nd deck 5 disc CD changer/player. It records exact duplicate copies of CD's digitally with CD Synchro. It also has "Super Bitmapping" (SBM) which when used records CD's to near 20 bit quality.
16 bit/44.1 kHz is what the CD's you have now are produced in as 16 bit/44.1 kHz is the industry standard. SBM weaves the least significant 8 bit information out and weaves in the the more important higher quality information during recording resulting in CD's made from this CD Recorder to almost 20 bit quality which can be played on all CD players ! Also, this Sony CD Recorder has high quality Hybrid Pulse 24 bit A/D D/A converters which make the use of SBM result in even better higher quality recordings. If you love your music, you should hear what you've been missing. Even "Audiophiles" find this recorder to their liking.
It also can name the discs you make by title and track by using the built in CD Text feature and when playing them back on a CD player that has CD Text, the title and track information will be displayed while you are playing the CD.

This item is 100% functional.
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