January 25, 2015
2:24 pm
RAIN:  7AM to 7AM:  .15"    Month:  3.76”    Year:  3.76"   |  TEMPS:  High: 57  Low: 44

JØTUL Model 6 &Hand Crafted Solid Oak Mantel

Good Morning Tim,

This morning I have 3 things for sale. I can send pictures of any of them, but can’t put them together and do justice for any of them.

1. Hand Crafted Solid Oak Mantel (approximately 4 feet high (including 4 inches on the Platform), 4 1/2 feet wide, and 20 inches deep), a vent less gas log fireplace (We haven’t used the fireplace since 2005, and it worked then, but can’t guarantee it works now) and a solid Oak Platform that the mantel sit on (over lapping about 4 inches on all sides). $2,500.

2. JØTUL Model 6 Norwegian cast iron crafts. It’s perfect to heat a shop or Man Cave. It’s approximately 4 feet high (with legs of about 1 feet) round stove that will easily take up to 20 inch logs. It does have a front door or you can use the screen to keep all the sparks etc. inside (this is why I said it’s normal use should be for shop or Man Cave. I never fired it up (got rid of wife instead) so don’t know anything about how much heat it puts out, nor burn time. $700.
3. Starter flock of Emben Geese (I’m pretty sure they are 3 geese, and 2 ganders). They are almost 1 year old, and the Ganders are starting to get “Frisky”. $125
Willing to trade and or negotiate. I’m looking for a good riding lawn mower, a good powered hand lawn mower, a couple of Katahdin or St. Croix ewes (2 years or less). If you have something else to swap, give me a call and we’ll see.
I’m located about 6 ½ miles south of Yellville
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