March 3, 2015
9:02 am
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Dog fencing & supplies NEEDED

DESPERATELY NEED PUPPY HELP and supplies. 15 dogs were due to be confiscated and euthanized in a small town in southern Arkansas. 9 of them are new born Pyrenees / Yellow lab puppies. Two are yellow lab mommas, one Pyrenees daddy and three 1 year old Pyrenees / lab mix from a previous litter. I recently got a Pyrenees with a .45 caliber bullet in his head from this same town. He’s alive and well after surgery. Anyway, these new 15 will be arriving here sometime this week!

Also, before I was contacted about those, I committed to an abandoned Pyrenees family of 6 and 3 individual situations of Pyrenees ‘failing’ at field duty and were going to be euthanized (or shot). They are arriving here this week also. This will put my rescue at 56 dogs!! I am only set up for 24 and not set up for puppies at all.

I NEED 6’ high kennel panels or secure fencing, delivered and help putting it up. I can’t afford much money. Feeding them until they can be adopted will be a challenge. (please no food donations unless you call me first for brand and formula as I am picky what I feed) I could also use large igloos.

I NEED VOLUNTEER HELP for interaction so these puppies will be social with humans. Help poop scooping. Help with keeping fresh water available. Walking the adult dogs. I also need foster homes and quality adopters.

I need volunteer carpenters to built 2 shelter coverings. I have most of the materials and tools, just not the man power.

Ozark Dogs Rescue is a non-profit 501C3 located off Old Military Rd. south of Mountain Home.

(870) 508-4814 leave message and please speak your phone number slowly and clearly. Calls may not be returned immediately as I will be outside caring for the current dogs.
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