February 23, 2017
10:22 am
Rain: 7am to 7am:  .00"  Month: 2.28”  Year: 3.89"  |  Recorded temps:  High: 70 Low: 49
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Makita electric sander $20.2 wood decorative shelves to be stained or painted . $5 each Dale Inskeep (dginskeep@gmail.com) C...
Firewood storage Rack made of old iron wagon tires $20 Call 491-5210 or 405-8473Dale Inskeep (dginskeep@gmail.com)
Good trotline weights or could be ear drops for wife.$10 all. 491-5210 or 405-8473Dale Inskeep (dginskeep@gmail.com)
Like new, includes staples andbrads $20 491-5210 or 405-8473Dale Inskeep (dginskeep@gmail.com)
Like new, includes staples and brads. $20 Call 405-8473Dale Inskeep (dginskeep@gmail.com)
2 decorative shelves to be stained and finished yourself.$5 each Dale Inskeep 405-8473(dginskeep@gmail.com)
$150 cash (saw one on E-Bay for $300) Dale Inskeep Phone 870-405-8473 dginskeep@gmail.com
I have 2 but only need 1. $15Dale Inskeep 870-405-8473 dginskeep@gmail.com
1-100 feet & 2-25 feet. All $20 870-405-8473 (dginskeep@gmail.com) Dale Inskeep
Nice yard decoration $200 870-405-8473 dginskeep@gmail.com (Dale Inskeep)
Both work but need new ribbons. $15 each dginskeep@gmail. Dale Inskeep870-405-8473
$15 each-Dale Inskeep-870-405-8473 dginkeep@gmail.com (both need new ribbons)
Price $200 870-405=8473Dale Inskeepdginskeep@gmail.com
Price $50 870-405-8473 (does not have sickle blade) Dale Inskeep - dginskeep@gmail.com
Price $10 Call 405-8473Dale Inskeepdginskeep@gmail.com
Everything but the gas.Price $40 cash 870=405-8473Dale Inskeep
Dale Inskeep 870-405-8473(used for plank scaffold across2 ladders)
Dale Inskeep 870-405-8473 Price$40 cash
Dale Inskeep 870-405-8473 (weak signal area; leave message if no answer)