Man Plays 'Ghostbusters' Theme Song on Pumpkins

YouTube/Dan Newbie(LITTLE ROCK, Ark.) — This man is definitely marching to the beat of his own drum — pumpkin drums to be exact.

Dan Ndombe, of Little Rock, Arkansas, can play the Ghostbusters theme song on pumpkins, and the result is nothing short of Halloween magic.

A software engineer and website designer by day, he said music is just a hobby for him, although he has a large following on social media under the nickname Dan Newbie.

“The most difficult part was to make those pumpkins sound like music notes by filling them up with water, and match as closely as possible the original music,” Ndombe told ABC News.

This is the first time he’s used pumpkins as drums but he’s well-versed in using other household objects as instruments, something he taught himself while growing up in Africa.

“I’m behind several other popular YouTube videos in which I use wine glasses, frying pans, rubber bands and beers bottle to play popular songs,” he explained. “I believe anybody can be creative with whatever skills and resources they have.”

He added: “I really believe everybody has the ability to get creative regardless of their circumstances, whether it’s to solve problems or simply to have fun. I coped with the war in my home country by looking for new ways to be creative with what I had around.”

Take a look at his epic Halloween hobby.

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