Road Rage Incident Leads to Chilling 911 Call in Arizona City

moodboard/iStock/Thinkstock(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) — The details of a terrifying road rage incident on Nov. 10 in Scottsdale, Arizona played out in a panicked 911 call in which the victim, Fatima Tsouli, sounds like she fears for her life.

In the call, Tsouli described how the suspect in the incident, Jowen Noel Moses, 25, smashes into her car and follows her through the city streets with his headlights off over the course of nearly half an hour.

“A guy’s hitting into the back of me trying to kill me on the road,” she told the dispatcher on the recording, Cathy Steinke, her voice shaking. “He’s flipping me off, he’s still swerving.”

During her conversation with the Steinke, Tsouli screamed several times anticipating the suspect’s car hitting hers. Steinke guided Tsouli through the streets, telling her where to turn and asking her to stay calm in an effort to get her in the vicinity of a police officer. She asked her repeatedly to put her hazard lights on. The call came to a close when Tsouli said she heard a police vehicle nearby.

“I could have died,” Tsouli told ABC affiliate KNXV-TV in Phoenix about the ordeal. “I could have lost my life. I mean, 25 minutes and he was not letting up on me.”

Steinke, who said she has 16 years of experience working as a dispatcher, told ABC News that the protocol in such a situation is to enter all the information into their computer system while keeping the driver on the phone. Police see the information as it is entered in real time.

She believes road rage cases are becoming more common in her estimation, but that this is the first time she ever experienced something “quite so extreme.”

After responding to the 911 call and pursuing his vehicle, Scottsdale police officers stopped Moses, who had crashed into two other vehicles including the patrol car. He was taken into custody after a he was “passively resistant,” according to the police report.

Police say they found beer cans strewn inside Moses’ car and he appeared to them to have been highly intoxicated as he allegedly targeted and terrorized Tsouli.

Moses has been charged with DUI, reckless driving and aggravated assault, according to the Scottsdale City Police Department. He has entered an initial plea of not guilty and is being held on a $50,000 bond.

Ben Hoster, a spokesperson for Scottsdale City Police told ABC News that Moses was in a state of severe intoxication when he was brought into custody and he was transferred to Maricopa County jail. He was found in his cell after an apparent attempt at suicide by hanging and taken to medical facilities, according to a police incident report. He is now in stable condition.
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