9-foot alligator removed from flooded Texas home

Harris County Constable’s Office(HOUSTON) — An unwelcome guest was found in a Texas home left flooded by Harvey: a 9-foot alligator.

The Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office said after an intruder call was reported at a residence near Lake Houston, deputies arrived at the home to find the large gator inside.

In ABC Houston station KTRK-TV’s video of gator’s removal, it took several officers to hold the 9-foot gator as they took the animal out of the house and placed it in the back of a vehicle.

Constables will deliver the gator back to its natural habitat, the constable’s office said.

To safely return home after a hurricane, experts tell ABC News:

  • Wear waterproof boots and gloves to avoid floodwater touching the skin.
  • Do not enter a building, light a match or turn on lights if there is any smell of gas and call 911.
  • If there is still standing water, look for sewage and water line damage and turn off electrical power at the main source.
  • Look out for snakes, insects and animals in the floodwaters.
  • Be sure to disinfect hard surfaces that may have come in contact with floodwater.
  • To prevent mold, deep clean inside and open windows and doors to ventilate and dry the house.
  • Only eat and drink food and water that is definitely safe, and remove spoiled foods from refrigerator.
  • Wash hands often with soap and clean water.

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