In Chicago, there was a 100 percent chance of Chance the Weatherman

ABC/Image Group LA(CHICAGO) — Hip-Hop heavyweight Chance the Rapper debuted Friday as Chance the Weatherman on small screens around the Windy City.

The 24-year-old Chicago native served as the Friday Forecaster for WGN9’s good cause, 15th annual Morning News Toy Drive, and delivered the weather with style, while causing the studio to heave in laughter with his improvisation.

Chance started rattling off temperatures slated to freeze various cities and towns; at one point, when numerous 19-degrees Fahrenheit readings were mentioned, he waxed, “a lot of 19s going on.”

Then the newbie meteorologist took notice of how “St. Louis” was featured on the map and made innocent hay about how Peru, Illinois was also included.

He bent down on one knee, and opined, “Oh, and due to the Peruvian pressure, apparently Peru is in here, too.”

The long-sleeved, black-gloved, baseball hat-wearing artist, whose real name is Chancelor Bennett, even managed to pull a disappearing trick for a few seconds when he waved around a jacket that he called his “invisibility cloak.”

And finally, as the animated snow came down, the frost-smitten rapper again made light of it and said, “Every snowflake is different; they actually have their own DNA, like people.”

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