Deployed Army soldiers return home in time to spend holidays with loved ones

WHAS(FORT KNOX, Ky.) — Fort Knox, Kentucky was a scene filled with emotional reunions Wednesday as deployed soldiers returned home in time to spend the holidays with their loved ones.

The Army soldiers with the 1st Sustainment Command had spent six months away while they were deployed in Kuwait providing food, fuel, water, transportation and other materials for military personnel there, ABC Louisville affiliate WHAS reported.

On Wednesday, family members looked on eagerly as they waited for a glimpse of the U.S. service members.

“There he is right there,” one mother told her young son once she spotted her husband. “Look at Daddy! Look!”

The official homecoming ceremony was cut short so families did not have to wait for their long-desired reunions, according to WHAS.

“Family members, find your soldiers,” a woman’s voice instructed those sitting in the crowd via intercom.

Soldier Chris Campbell returned home after his first deployment since becoming a father.

“It’s great to be back,” he said. “Things have changed, but the little luxury is still being able to see them on the camera every couple days.”

Campbell’s wife told WHAS that the reality of him being home is “really just started setting in.”

“Now he gets to enjoy his kids,” she said. “It’s a feeling I can’t even describe.”

After soldier Kevin Howse first reunited with his wife, there was another young lady he had to make sure to see.

Howse conducted his tear-filled reunion with his young daughter at her daycare.

“Daddy, I missed you,” Howse’s daughter told him. “I missed you too, Daddy.”

Howse said it’s “difficult” for service members to be away from loved ones when they’re deployed.

“We’re used to it, but it doesn’t get any better,” he said. “Even though we’re accustomed to it, still a little difficult at times. That’s the life we chose, so that’s what we do.”
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