Los Angeles dentist arrested months after allegedly strangling mother to death for money

Daniel Yacobi/Facebook(LOS ANGELES) — A Los Angeles dentist has been arrested months after he allegedly strangled his mother to death for financial gain, the Beverly Hills Police said.

The son had written in a Facebook post after her death, “Mom I love you and miss you dearly. No words can express what you mean to me.”

The alleged crime dates back to Oct. 10, 2017, when a man and woman called 911 after finding their mother, 67-year-old Violet Yacobi, unconscious and not breathing inside her Beverly Hills home, the Beverly Hills Police Department said. The adult daughter and son – Daniel Yacobi — had gone to the home to check on their mother after they weren’t able to reach her, police said.

Violet Yacobi was pronounced dead at the scene and her death was ruled a homicide by strangulation, police said.

Physical, digital and other evidence led detectives to believe the victim’s son, Daniel Yacobi, killed her for financial gain, police said.

Yacobi, 36, was arrested Monday and has been charged with one count of murder with a special circumstance allegation of murder for financial gain. He is set to appear at an arraignment today.

The alleged strangulation took place within 24 hours or so of the 911 call, Beverly Hills police spokeswoman Lt. Elisabeth Albanese told ABC News today.

Killings are “very uncommon” in Beverly Hills, Albanese said, adding one or two per year at the most and typically involve family members.

The most recent was in 2014 or 2015, she added.

The suspect, who is a dentist, last year posted a photo to Facebook of his smiling next to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” actor Alfonso Ribeiro, writing that Riberio “came by the office today to get some work done” and is “leaving with a smile on his face.”

In a January Facebook post marking his mother’s birthday, Daniel Yacobi wrote, “Not a day goes by that I think about her. She was an amazing mom who wanted nothing more than to see her children and loved ones happy around her and would do all in her power to achieve it.”

“She had an everlasting presence that made those around her feel comfortable and joyous seeking her companionship and love. Her unrelenting and everlasting love held our family together to give us strength necessary to endure moments of struggle and consternation allowing us to grow and blossom,” he wrote. “I will never forget the hockey games and the trips around the world we shared together. She always shared a positive outlook on the world around even at the darkest hours and provided us with unique tools and the right mindset overcome any obstacle in our path.

“Mom I love you and miss you dearly,” he wrote. “No words can express what you mean to me and I know you and Dad are up there smiling down upon us now. Love you dearly!”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Beverly Hills Police at (310) 285-2158.

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