“Nashville” Recap: “(Now and Then There's) A Fool Such As I”

CMTOn Thursday night's new episode of Nashville on CMT, Juliette Barnes was so desperate to restart her career with a new album, she resorted to stealing songs. In her frustration to find new material, she failed to deliver a demo meant for Maddie Jaymes, and ended up keeping the tune for herself. Feeling bad about it, she composed an email to Maddie confessing what she'd done, but stopped short of sending it.

Meanwhile, Maddie's world spun into chaos after she was arrested during a traffic stop while sticking up for her would-be boyfriend Clay Carter. After a video of the incident went viral, both Clay and Maddie were hounded by the paparazzi. Feeling their relationship was just too complicated, Clay advocated the two should just be friends, which left Maddie devastated.

For the first time since Rayna James' death, Deacon Claybourne ventured out to play at the Bluebird, where he was reacquainted with singer/songwriter Jessie Caine. Back at home, Deacon reminded stepdaughter Daphne Conrad that Liv staying with the family was a temporary solution, and they'd have to eventually find another situation for the homeless teen.

Scarlett O'Connor's life only grew more complicated as Damien George returned, this time ready to buy a mansion and set up housekeeping to care for their child. Realizing that really didn't suit the director's lifestyle, Scarlett cut him loose, only to return home to Gunnar Scott to announce what she'd done. Gunnar walked away, remarking he couldn't stand by and watch Scarlett cry over another man.

Find out what happens next Thursday at 9 p.m. ET, as a new episode of Nashville premieres on CMT. 

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