Community Voices

KTLO Staff | November 3, 2023

Beginning Sunday at 2 am – the clocks will move back one hour as daylight savings time is out and standard time is in, and will last until March 10. We would love to hear […]

KTLO Staff | October, 30 2023

Halloween is Tuesday and the question on a lot of peoples minds is: What time do you start trick or treating? Where are some of your favorite places to trick or treat?

Lynn Biederstadt | October 18, 2023

On the subject of short-term rentals By: Lynn Biederstadt, Norfork  The Norfork mayor’s comments on short-term rentals are disingenuous and misleading. The bill’s passage trashed an ordinance that had been supported by a majority of […]

Jason Harmon | September 29, 2023

Baxter County Deserves Fair Elections By Jason Harmon Buffalo City, Arkansas   On Election Day, 2022, I proudly walked into my Baxter County voting location to cast my ballot, especially for county officials. To my […]

Charlie Johns | September 22, 2023

  AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION My name’s, Charlie Johns live here in Mountain Home. And my question is, why do we provide bus service for children when it seems to me like every, all these children in […]

Lea Ohnemus | September 11 ,2023

I wish more people would recycle instead of throwing bottles, plastic, cans and cardboard in the trash.  I’m sure the reason is because there is no pickup of recyclables. If a truck would come out each […]

Donna Myers | September 6, 2023

Whose Responsibility Is It? Property owners that don’t take responsibility for their trees that encroach on their neighbors property especially in a friendly community like Mountain Home I’ve not seen it respectively addressed. What I’ve […]