Nine-year-old Bo Bryan's already an old pro at road life, according to his dad Luke

ABC/Image Group LAAs Luke Bryan celebrates Father’s Day this weekend, the “Fast” hitmaker admits that -- just like his song says -- he can’t believe how quickly his kids are growing up.

That’s something he was reminded of recently, when he took one of his sons out on the Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day Tour.

Bo, who is nine, my middle boy at the house, he came out on the road with me,” Luke says. “The fact that I have a nine-year-old that... He's like, 'Dad, I'm going to catering.' And I'm like, 'All right. Well, you know where it's at.' He goes, 'Yeah, I went there this morning, I got some bacon. I'll be right back.'”

Luke admits it also reminds him he’s not quite as young as he used to be.

“The fact that he can do that, and all my crew's out there like, 'What's up, Bo? You want to go hit Wiffle Balls?' You know, 'You want to go play Wiffle Ball out on the amphitheater lawn?'”

“And I'm over there icing my knees, while he's out there playing,” Luke laughs.

Bo’s trip with his dad also inspired some jealousy from his six-year-old brother.

“Now I've got to get Tate out there,” Luke says, “'cause Tate's mad that Bo got a weekend.”

Luke and his wife Caroline are also raising his late sister’s children, TilKris and Jordan.

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