After Super Bowl, Eagles fan stole seat from U.S. Bank Stadium

Patrick Smith/Getty Images(MINNEAPOLIS) -- After the Super Bowl, one overzealous Philadelphia Eagles fan wanted to take a piece of history with him -- a seat from the stadium.

The unidentified fan lifted a purple seat from U.S. Bank Stadium following the Eagles win over the New England Patriots.

"I was first in shock because I couldn't believe that someone actually stole a seat," Marcus Certa, who snapped a photo of the seat strapped to a suitcase at St. Paul International Airport.

"The stadium was surrounded by fencing. You had to go through narrow corridors," Certa told ABC News. "I couldn't believe he got it outside."

In a video posted by Barstool sports, the man is seen walking around a tented area with the chair wrapped up under his arms.

Certa snapped a photo of the chair and post it to his Instagram. He tagged U.S. Bank Stadium to let them know they likely have a chair missing.

This wasn't the only seat damaged at the game. Zak Fick, a South Dakota native who also attended the game, saw other Eagles fans destroying seats after the victory.

"I heard a snap and turned around and saw one guy trying to lift the seat and another kicking it," Zak told ABC News. "We were yelling, 'Stop that' and 'come on.'"

Fick took pictures of the damage and posted them online as well.

"The seats were probably cheap but it doesn't matter the amount. You're destroying property that is not yours," Fick said.

U.S. Bank Stadium said three seats were damaged and have since been repaired.

"Representatives from SMG have been in contact with one of the responsible individuals, who has agreed to reimburse SMG for replacement and installation costs," the stadium said in a statement. "No further action will be taken against the individual."

The Minneapolis Police Department, meanwhile, said the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, which manages the stadium, did not file a police report and has not asked police to investigate.

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