Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list for free, call KTLO, Classic Hits and The Boot at 870-425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: 870-481-5822
Humane Society of NCA: 870-425-9221


  • On the corner of Bell Cove and Rocky Ridge Roads, a deer wearing an orange collar and a red healer dog.  Call 404-3706.  (11/09)
  • On County Road 28, a male reddish-brown dog wearing an orange collar with a “take home” tag.  Call 424-4094.  (11/6)
  • In Lakeway, two dogs.  One is a tan and white neutered male terrier mix and the other appears to be a miniature pincher.  Call 414-651-6262.  (11/2)
  • In Cotter, young black and white male puppy.  Call 421-0745 to describe. (10/29)
  • On Rodeo Drive in Mountain Home, a male Border Collie.  Call 870-736-3220. (10/25)
  • In Lakeview, grey and white female dog with pink collar, black and white dog with blue collar.  Call 371-1154. (10/20)
  • On County Road 9 near Whiteville/Midway area, a medium-sized short-haired dog wearing a collar with tags.  Call 430-2345.  (10/16)
  • In the Wildcat Shoals area, a young black lab female.  Call 656-8644.  (10/4)
  • In Heritage Estates in Mountain Home a black intact male pit bull lab mix that has white on its tail and chest wearing a collar.  Call 870-421-4399.  (9/27)
  • On Cone Street in Mountain Home a grey cat with white paws and chest and a striped tail.  Call 870-656-1276. (9/24)
  • In Carlisle Highlands on Highway 5 South in Mountain Home, a mostly black male dog with tiger stripes on head and legs.  Call 870-656-0334. (9/24)
  • In Cotter near the river, a tri-color dog.  Call to describe 656-2733.  (9/21)


  • In Rea Valley a neutered-male brindle Mountain Curr mix dog and a neutered-male, tan hound mix.  Both are wearing collars with tags.  Call 870-656-0064.  (11/15)
  • West of Flippin, a male King Corso European Blue male dog wearing a collar.  Call 870-736-7312.  (11/14)
  • On County Road 25, a blonde and orange short wired hair terrier mix wearing a bright orange collar.  He goes by the name of Leo or a whistle.  Call 870-706-0504. (11/12)
  • On 178 West about one and a half mile west of Midway, a declawed spayed-female grey and black tiger stripe cat with white on her chin.  Her name is Girl Cat KiKi.  Call 405-1723.  (11/8)
  • In Lakeview, a male grey and black tiger stripe cat named Moxey.  Call 310-804-1762.  (10/30)
  • On Sherwood Hills Lane off Pioneer Trail in Mountain Home, a female Calico cat with no tail.  She goes by the name of Ginny Rat and needs medication.  Call 870-701-3363. (10/29)
  • In the Whiteville area at Wildcat Shoals Road, red long-haired dachsund, wearing a collar with no tags, answers to “Max.”  Call 421-1424 (10/13)
  • On County Road 25, a female border collie that is mostly black with a white on its nose and tail.  Call 481-5550. (10/2)

Pets Looking for a Loving Home

  • A yellow tabby kitten.  Call 870-656-0334. (9/24)
  • A male puppy found in the Northpointe Subdivison area.  Call 424-2802.  (9/12)