Pet Rescue & Free Adoption




To have a pet added to our list for free, call KTLO, Classic Hits and The Boot at 870-425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: 481-5822
Humane Society of NCA: 425-9221



On Highway 178 and Eagle Ridge Road area in Lakeview, a fawn colored Yorkie/Pomeranian mix that has long hair on tail and back of legs and is wearing a collar.  Call 870-404-8715.  (8/18)

Found abandoned in a trailer at the Baxter County Recycling Center, 6-8 week old male kitten. Black and white, eating regular food. Looking for a loving home. Call 425-0664 for more information. (8/8).

Found on Highway 201 North, 2 & 1/2 Miles from the Pigeon Creek Bridge on CR 1175. A young female cat, mostly white with orange on face and feet. Blue eyes. Declawed. Wearing a collar with small bell attached. Contact 870-421-4340. (8/7)

Found on Highway 201 South, about a mile and a half from the New Harps, a Male white Irish wolfhound, with a black face. Not neutered, around 150 pounds. Very friendly, no collar. Contact 501-258-5642. (8/7)

In Fox Hunt Ridge in Mountain Home, a female pit bull mix that is black with three white paws and is wearing a flea collar.  Call 404-8626.  (7/31)

In Pioneer Estates north of Flippin, a female black lab mix with tan markings wearing a black collar.  Call 404-6727.  (7/31)

In Salesville, a big black female, short haired dog with white speckles on her chest.   She looks like she is approximately 1 year old.  Call 870-499-5258 or 870-321-9775. (7/26)

Behind the Back Forty in Mountain Home at the Valley Estates Apartments, an adult male tabby cat.  Call 656-2299.  (7/26)

Off Hwy 201 North near Pigeon Creek, a brown horse. Owner needs to provide proof of ownership. Call 424-4863. (7/23)



On Willowbrook Road in Mountain Home, a male Yorkie named Buddy.  Call 870-307-8260 or 870-656-5227. (8/17)

In Baxter Regional Medical Center in Mountain Home a 12 week old female Simease kitten with a bobbed tail.  Call 417-683-7807.  (8/2)

Behind the new Harp’s in Mountain Home, a black and white male Husky wearing a blue collar with tags.  He goes by the name of “Moses” and there is a reward offered.  Call 870-404-5408. (7/10)

Off Hwy 201 N, a neutered male red heeler wearing a chain collar with rabies tag. He has a cropped tail and goes by the name of “Ben.” Call 425-0511. (7-17)


Pets Looking for a Loving Home

Free to a good home, a friendly male pit bull.  Call 424-4249.  (6/1)