Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list for free, call KTLO, Classic Hits and The Boot at 870-425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: 870-481-5822
Humane Society of NCA: 870-425-9221


  • On Tipton Loop in Mountain Home, near Highway 5 South and College Street, two dogs.  One is a large dachshund wearing a black studded collar.  The other is a large, older golden dog wearing a red collar.  Call 870-425-5187.  (7/17)
  • Off MC 117 in Oakland, a black male dog with brown feet and face/chest coloring (breed unknown). Call (870) 431 5121.
  • At Exxon on the corner of Highway 62 and Highway 5 North in Mountain Home, a male black Lab wearing a black collar.  Call Trish at 870-706-9451. (7/13)
  • In the Meadow Crest Subdivision, a large black female dog with short hair.  She is blue black and shiny.  Call 870-580-0365. (7/2)
  • 2001 Fuller Street, a Small Sheep dog, Solid off white/grey color, Roughly 20lbs, wearing a Red Nylon Clasp Collar with No ID. Call 870-421-2980. (6/30)
  • Near County Road 25 and 201 South out of Mountain Home, a male Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix wearing a blue collar.  Call 870-481-5133 or 352-201-8885.  (8/27)
  • On Highway 201 North, a female brindle dog named Kendal.  Call 425-8119.  (6/27)
  • On MC 6061 at Hall Mountain near Rea Valley, two dogs; 100-pound male bloodhound/German shepherd mix, wearing spike collar; 60-pound female hound mix, wearing blue electronic collar.  Call 337-257-4813. (6/23)
  • Near the Montessory School on Highway 5 South in Mountain Home, a neutered-male black lab wearing a collar.  Call 425-6201.  (6/22)
  • On Highway 178 about 2.5 miles from the Mountain Home Square, an adult male chihuahua.  Call 417-849-6310.  (6/21)
  • In Cooper Park, Mountain Home, a young female reddish-brown dog that is about 35 pounds and has a white patch on her chest.  Call 424-0298.  (6/19)
  • On Benton and Montgomery in Mountain Home, a tiny black and brown long haired female that has white around her eyes and feet.  Call 870-321-6143. (5/25)
  • In Three Brothers on County Road 16, a neutered male brown dog, possibly lab mix.  Call 481-5430.  (5/16)
  • On County Road 17 & 19 in the Promise Land area, a light tan and brown, small,  short haired male dog with black and brown stripes.  Call 870-431-5564. (5/16)


  • In Gassville on Highway 62 West, a male, fawn and grey, pug.  He is sick with an infection and he limps.  He answers to Pug or Bug.  Call 421-5528.  (7/13)
  • A large female Anatolian Shepperd about 27″ at shoulder height and 90 pounds.  Very light gray, almost white, about three years old, very shy.  A reward is offered.  Call 870-232-1988.
  • In Gassville on County Road 888, a female pit mix puppy wearing a blue collar with tag that says Koi.  Call 404-1750.  (7/5)
  • In Bull Shoals, a small white female dog wearing a pink collar.  She answers to Bella Bear.  Call 267-221-8312.  (6/29)
  • At Kingswood Mobile Home Park on Highway 5 South in Mountain Home, schnauzer, answers to “Sugar.”  Call 736-3007 or 727-365-0565. (6/23)
  • In Mountain Home near the Mountain Station Apartments, a neutered male, 15 pound, Siamese cat named Sam.  Call 870-232-1434.  (6/13)
  • At Walmart in Mountain Home, a 4 month old male black Lab mix with white spots that weights about 20 pounds.  His name is “Texas”.  Call 870-656-4023. (6/21)
  • Near Mallard Point, a male Bengal cat named Thunder.  Call 870-404-8633.  (6/13)
  • Between Mountain Home and Gassville on Pet Haven Road, a female black mouth Kerr that is dark brown and has a bobbed tail.  She goes by the name of Lucy.  Call 870-435-6035.
  • At the corner of Cove Road and North Avenue-off Highway 178 behind Beaman Realty in Lakeview, a 14 year old white female that has small black polka dots and is wearing a worn green collar with a red tag.  She goes by the name  of “Little Girl” and is half blind.  Call 870-404-5785. (5/22)
  • On County Road 99 off Highway 201 North, old brindle-colored, slender Whippet dog, almost blind, can’t hear well, answers to “Sam.”  Call 425-2426 or 425-2538. (5/20)
  • On Highway 201 North off Russell Lane behind Baxter Healthcare, off-white chihuahua with pink eyes, red collar, no tags, answers to “Chloe.”  Call 421-5998 (5/19)
  • In Kingswood Estates, off Highway 201 North in Mountain Home a female, 6 month old  Pit full blooded Pit Bull puppy that is white with a grey patch on left eye, rear and tail.  Call 706-1586 or 736-0371. (5/18)
  • Stolen at Webb’s Landing in Yellville and last seen in the Glenstone area in Mountain Home,  a pure white, neutered male Shepherd/Huskey mix wearing a red collar with tags.  Reward offered.  Call 870-436-5188 or 870-431-5827. (5/17)

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