Prank-A-Palooza: Kelsea Ballerini and Chris Lane Get Crazy on Their Last Night with Rascal Flatts


ABC Radio“LET THE PRANKING BEGIN,” Kelsea Ballerini tweeted Saturday before her final Rhythm and Roots show with Rascal Flatts and Chris Lane in Noblesville, Indiana — and boy, did it ever!

The insanity started when a barrage of Chris clones invaded the stage during his set, all dressed exactly like the “Fix” hitmaker, in white T-shirts with plaid flannel shirts tied at the waist. But Chris was due for a wardrobe change before the next big prank.

Kelsea had no sooner launched into her current number one, before a male member of the crew descended from the rafters, dressed in a Tinkerbell tutu, sprinkling massive amounts of glitter all over the stage. By the time she made it to the chorus, “Peter Pan” himself had appeared — except this time, the lost boy was actually Chris dressed in green tights, elf outfit and a pointy hat. Kelsea was so overcome she could barely make it through the song.

Chris was still dressed in his elf costume when Rascal Flatts kicked into “Life is a Highway,” which cued the biggest spectacle of the night, as the trio’s tourmates stormed the stage with traffic cones, a cop and Kelsea and Chris both riding kiddie toys inspired by the movie Cars.

But that still wasn’t all. Chris and company returned for an inside joke, staging a full-fledged game of cornhole while the trio played “Fast Cars and Freedom.” As Gary LeVox sang “Purple Rain,” the usual Prince footage was replaced by the infamous spoof of Dave Chappelle playing basketball as the late legend. 

In the end, a fan even got in on the madness. Beach balls were launched back and forth between the audience and the stage, as Kelsea and Chris returned for the finale. One fan countered by pelting LeVox with an enormous brassiere. 

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