Texas Mom's 'Head in the Freezer' Costume Wins the Internet

Jessica Williams(NEW YORK) —  One Texas mother not only won her office’s Halloween costume contest, but also won over the Internet.

Alicia Williams’ daughter Jessica posted photos of her mother’s costume on Twitter. She captioned the photos, “My mom was a dead/frozen head in a freezer. She killed it!!”

Twitter seems to agree as the photos quickly went viral, racking up more than 14,000 retweets and nearly 30,000 likes.

Williams, 46, told ABC News it only took her two days to create the elaborate costume that appears to be a stainless steel refrigerator.

“I tried to make the fridge look really real,” she explained. “I copied the LG emblem and cut it out with foil … and then I tried to make it stainless steel instead of white.”

Williams added that she used two cardboard boxes and silver spray paint to create the refrigerator. Then she spray painted a third cardboard box white for the inside of the freezer. She used a mini-light with adhesive for the freezer light and used items from her own kitchen to complete the look.

 “I did it by myself … and cut my finger,” the Irving, Texas, woman admitted with a laugh. “I didn’t want to waste this blood so I used it in the freezer.”

The mother of three also had to transform her head so that it looked dead yet frozen. She used ice crystals made out of rock candy to glue on her head, and her daughter spray painted her hair silver.

At work, she won a $100 gift card but she also won over the Internet after her daughter, Jessica, shared the photos on Twitter unbeknownst to her.

“I said, ‘What are you talking about? I thought you were showing everybody at work,'” Williams recalled of the conversation with her daughter once she realized she went viral. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, Jessica!’ I had no idea.”

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