Teen allegedly shot, stabbed grandmother to death: Prosecutors

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office(NEW YORK) —  A Florida woman allegedly killed by her teenage grandson was shot and stabbed, prosecutors said Wednesday morning.

Logan Mott, 15, is accused of killing his grandmother, Kristina French, 53, whose body was found in a shallow grave Friday in Florida, Erie County District Attorney John Flynn said.

Mott, who lives with his father in Florida, was staying with his grandmother while his father was on vacation, Flynn said at a news conference Wednesday morning. When his father came back on Wednesday, he found his home “in disarray” and guns missing from the home, Flynn said.

Mott was found this weekend in Buffalo, New York, where he was taken into custody after making a wrong turn on the Peace Bridge while allegedly trying to cross into Canada, Flynn said.

In the car were guns and a knife with what appears to be blood on it, Flynn said.

Mott was taken into custody on a grand theft auto warrant. On Tuesday, a judge in Florida issued an arrest warrant for murder.

Mott “adamantly denies any involvement in his grandmother’s death and he’s very upset about it,” Dominic Saraceno, a lawyer hired by Mott’s family, told ABC News on Sunday.

Saraceno asks “the public to not rush to judgment. We need to do a thorough investigation on both sides — the prosecution and the defense.”

“Today was the first time we heard any of the details about the actual crime,” Saraceno said, adding that based on a “preliminary review from my perspective, a lot of the pieces just don’t add up.”

Saraceno said he spoke to Mott at the Erie County Youth Services Center, the detention center where he was being held on a grand theft auto warrant.

“My understanding is he has no history of crime, he’s a ninth-grade student, he’s a good student, he’s well-liked by his classmates. And the only type of medication that he is on is for juvenile diabetes,” Saraceno said.

Saraceno did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

Mott, who is being held without bail, is set to be arraigned on Friday in Buffalo, according to ABC affiliate WJXX-TV in Jacksonville.

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