Chicago police superintendent says the city had 'another unacceptable violent weekend'

iStock/Thinkstock(CHICAGO) — Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson told reporters on Monday the city had “another unacceptable violent weekend” that led to several people shot and killed.

There were 58 people shot over the weekend in the city, six of which died from their injuries, police said.

The department has three persons of interest in custody from this weekend, Johnson announced in the press conference. Since Friday, he said, 83 illegal guns were taken off the streets and 29 people were arrested on gun related charges.

Police officers dispersed 68 informal block parties and park gatherings that may have had drugs and illegal activity, Johnson said.

“These shootings are not random, they’re fueled by gang conflicts,” Johnson told reporters.

Police are increasing their presence in the districts that see the higher crime rates.

Two teens who had been reported missing were found shot in a wooded area over the weekend, First Deputy Superintendent Anthony Riccio said.

The teens, 16-year-old Raysuan Turner and 17-year-old Darnelle Flowers, according to ABC affiliate WLS, had been reported missing by their mothers. One of the teens had been reported missing after 24 hours, while the other was reported missing after 48 hours.

Riccio said an officer was with the mother of one of the teens when she received an anonymous message saying they believed she could find her son in a wooded area. When the officer went with the mother and family members, both teens were found dead.

Police said one of the teens had no criminal history, while the other was known to police, Riccio said. He added they are speaking to two persons of interest to help determine the motive.

Johnson reiterated the importance of everyone doing their part to combat gun violence.

“We continuously fail to hold people accountable and until we do that we’re gonna continue seeing it,” he said. “These individuals are showing us every day they’re not afraid to do it, and we have to ask ourselves: ‘Why? Why aren’t they afraid?’”

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