Man with history of violence sent to prison

A Briarcliff man accused of attacking his pregnant girlfriend as they drove along Old Military Road in December last year pled guilty to charges filed against him stemming from the incident during a session of Baxter County Circuit Court Thursday.

Twenty-six-year-old Coron Jamall Johnson was sentenced to six years in prison, with four to serve and two suspended.

Since 2017, Johnson has been accused of violently lashing out or threatening violence to a number of people, including his pregnant girlfriend in Baxter County, a girlfriend in Marion County and a fellow worker at a Norfork metal fabrication business.

Johnson’s charges have included battery, criminal mischief, terroristic threatening and being in possession of drug paraphernalia.

In the Baxter County case stemming from the Dec. 9th, 2018 assault of his girlfriend on Old Military Road, Johnson is reported to have become upset with the woman, after discovering she had been involved in a relationship with another male.

The girlfriend, who was reported to be seven months pregnant with Johnson’s child at the time the attack took place, told investigators Johnson demanded she take him to where the other man lived, apparently seeking to fight his perceived rival. She said as they drove, Johnson became more agitated, grabbing the steering wheel in an unsuccessful attempt to steer the vehicle off the road and into a ditch.

The victim said Johnson pulled the ashtray from the car’s dashboard, threw ashes in her eyes and ears and then threw the ashtray at her.

The girlfriend said Johnson punched her several times and kicked the interior of the car causing damage.

According to court records, Johnson is alleged to have hit the woman on the right side of her ear, right shoulder and right arm. She said he threw any item he could get his hands on in the car at her head.

The couple drove back to their shared residence where Johnson is reported to have pulled the rear view mirror off the woman’s vehicle, broke her windshield, sun visor and several other items.

The victim reported she later went to the emergency room at Baxter Regional Medical Center to be treated for her injuries.

On Dec.12th, 2018, the same woman came to the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office and reported another unpleasant encounter with an angry and threatening Johnson. The woman said she was driving on County Road 57 when she saw a friend having car trouble and pulled over to see if she could help. While at the scene, the woman said Johnson came out of a nearby residence and attempted to speak to her. She said she retreated to her vehicle. Johnson was alleged to have punched her windows and kicked the side of her vehicle before she could drive away.

The woman filed for an order of protection against Johnson on Dec.10th last year, and a temporary order was issued the next day. In January, she asked the order be dismissed. She refiled her request in March, according to court records.

In a closed 2016 Marion County case, Johnson was accused of hitting another girlfriend in the face multiple times, and kicking her in the head after throwing her to the floor. He also threatened to kill the woman.

Two small children — a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old infant — were present when the fracas was going on, and Johnson is alleged to have hit the youngest child in the head area.

The woman involved in the Marion County case also filed for an order of protection against Johnson, but it was dismissed because the victim did not pursue the matter.

Several charges against Johnson in the Marion County case were dismissed and he was given 12-months probation on a third-degree battery charge. He was also ordered to undergo screening for anger management and to comply with whatever instructions he was given as a result of the screening.

In a closed Baxter County case, Johnson was given three years probation after he pled no contest to charges he had displayed a pistol during a heated confrontation with a fellow employee at a Norfork metal fabrication business in September 2017. When Johnson pulled up his shirt to make the pistol visible, the victim retreated and Johnson fled the area. Johnson and the victim had been involved in a prior confrontation, which turned physical and ended up sending Johnson to the hospital, according to court records.

On the same day he was alleged to have displayed the pistol, Johnson was stopped by police heading in the direction of the Norfork business. He was accompanied by three other males. Johnson was alleged to have told the officer, the men were going back to the business to “make things fair.”

After Johnson and his companions were pulled over, a .40-caliber handgun was recovered from Johnson’s backpack. Johnson admitted he let the victim see the pistol in an attempt to deter any further confrontation between the two.

Johnson pled no contest to a terroristic threatening charge in April last year.

A petition to revoke Johnson’s probation in the earliest case was dismissed by the state.

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