157 named to chancellor, vice chancellor lists at ASUMH

Spring 2019 scholars at Arkansas State University-Mountain Home have been named to the chancellor’s list and vice chancellor’s List. Students who have a 4.0 grade point average are on the chancellor’s list (designated as CL), and students who have a 3.6 to 3.99 grade point average are on the vice chancellor’s list (designated as VCL). Students must have 12 credit hours of college-level coursework in the semester for which they are named to the lists.Combined, the groups number 157 students, including the following from North Central Arkansas.

Baxter County
Calico Rock:
Anna Fountain, CL
Anna Huckaba, CL
Christine Manning, CL

Payton Dixon, CL
Justin Mathews, VCL
Hunter Ryan, VCL
Dakota Tolliver, VCL

Heather Hestley, VCL
Shala Lawrence, CL
Jarrett McMinn, VCL
Jacob Shetrompf, VCL

Maddux Adams, VCL
Brittany Aguilar, VCL
Tabitha Clouse, CL
Kesha Coalburn, VCL
Erik Embach, CL
Emily Hosford, CL
Ashley Lipe, VCL
Mackayla Medley, CL
Samantha Nelson, CL
Heather O’Neill, VCL
Alexandria Pajonk, CL
Izzy Tuck, CL
Ashley Tudor, VCL

Izaak Golden, CL

Crisy Cook, VCL
Mark Foos, CL
Chris Luna, CL
Tala Oates, CL

Mountain Home:
Jacob Barnett, CL
Amber Baser, CL
Angela Berry, CL
Nuri Bilgin, VCL
Destiny Blacksher, VCL
Nicole Brakebill, VCL
Brittany Brandon, CL
Christopher Broyles, CL
Samantha Burkey, VCL
Christopher Burkhart, CL
David Byrd, CL
Eric Byrd, VCL
Kristen Cain, CL
Amy Carter, CL
Christopher Clark, CL
Kristan Cowden, CL
Rebekah Crowley, CL
Austin Davis, CL
Rick Deen, VCL
Steven Douglas, CL
Jonathan Drott, VCL
Christian Elera, CL
Jessica Ethridge, VCL
Alisia Fawcett, VCL
Caitlyn Ferguson, VCL
Nyx Gaona, CL
Ashlyn Carner, VCL
Meghan Geery, CL
Diana Herron, CL
Sheryl Holcombe, CL
Tammy Holt, VCL
Ericca Hopper, VCL
Seth Horn, VCL
Christopher Hullett, VCL
Robert Hurt, VCL
Brandon Johnston, VCL
Kristin Kite, CL
Christopher Larrew, VCL
Christin Liles, CL
Brian Lofton, CL
Jordan Lundeen, CL
Angie Maiwald, VCL
Lauren Malte, CL
Jimmy Martin, CL
Cory Mcmahon, CL
Sandra Merkling, CL
Kayla Miller, CL
Caleb Moser, CL
Jeremy Oakes, CL
Joshua Parish, VCL
Riya Patel, CL
Hannah Pfeifer, VCL
William Pimm, VLC
Emily Quinn, VCL
Donovan Reed, CL
Brady Robbins, CL
Samuel Ruszczynski, CL
Kacie Sallee, VCL
Skye Sasser, VCL
Marcella Schlote, VCL
Jazmine Schutkesting, CL
Hailey Segars, VCL
Kaylen Shaw, CL
Tyler Shaw, VCL
Madison Shipman, VCL
Reagan Shrable, CL
Kaci Sowa, VCL
Mary Stephens, VCL
Brett Stockfisch, VCL
Brandee Strain, CL
Peter Stromquist, VCL
Daniel Sullivan, CL
Bailey Thompson, CL
Brianna Uffman, VCL
Ty Webers, CL
Victoria Wham, VCL
Alexis Yearwood,CL
Joseph Zlatos, CL

Jeana Hilkert, VCL
Tabitha Pettit, CL
April Woods, CL

Maggie Anderson, CL
Tommy Moore, VCL
Gabriel Sutton, CL

Boone County
Kelsey Dodson, CL
Susan Knight, VCL

Abigail Strobeck, VCL

Valley Springs:
Evyn Edmonds, CL

Franklin County
Jessica Wagers, CL

Fulton County
Rhiannon Casey, CL
Kayla Franks, CL

Gerald Allen, CL
Caitlin Crow, VCL
Emily Perryman, CL

Independence County
Kimberly Smart, VCL

Izard County
Alicia Langston, VCL

Melinda Robertson, CL

Megan Hiles, VCL

Lonoke County
Stephen Cawthon Jr, VCL

Marion County
Bull Shoals:
Sabrina Scott, VCL
Nathan Steele, VCL

Jonathan Chapman, CL
Timothy Dickard, CL
Nathan Hermes, CL
Chris Jones, VCL
Nicolai Kashpureff, VCL

Toni Lack, CL

Tanya Simmons, CL

Brittany Sellers, CL
Eldita Wood, VCL

Matty Dillard, VCL
Courtney Mellein-Mosier, CL
Madelynne Myers-obermire, VCL
Caroline Pokorny, CL
Angelina Soliz, CL
Justin Weaver, VCL
Brian Weichmann, CL

Newton County
Morgan Reddell, VCL

Pulaski County
Dara Gross, VCL

Randolph County
Joel Nelson, CL

Stone County
Garrett Hudspeth, VCL

Seven students were from Southern Missouri:

Christian County
Garrett Hurd, CL

Howell County
Austin Jones, VCL

Ozark County
Chris Bogowith, CL
Shania Sheppard, VCL

Lakelynn Vaught, CL

Ashley Thomas, CL

Sierra Heriford, VCL

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