Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list for free, call KTLO, Classic Hits and The Boot at 870-425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: 870-481-5822
Humane Society of NCA: 870-425-9221


  • At Wildcat Shoals between 126 and Denton Ferry Road, a young male gray healer type dog with black splotches.  Call 430-5952.  (7/15)
  • On Highway 5 North, a female small black and white dog.  Call to describe.  870-224-6064.  (7/10)
  • On CR 143 in the Oakland area, a small, white female mix dog that is possibly a shihtzu/yorkie mix.  Call 870-321-5452.  (7/10)
  • On Highway 5 North near Northside Motors, a small white dog with black spots.  Call 870-224-6064 or 870-445-2738.  (7/9)
  • On Tucker Cemetery Rd, Great Pyrenees, male, red collar with no tags. Call 870-430-5084, leave a message. (7/5)
  • In Monkey Run, heeler mix, grey with black spots, white blazes on feet and chest, young male, wearing black collar with no info. Call 318-470-2110. (7/2)
  • Near Casey’s at 62 and 5 junction, black male lab, tag with name of Sparkie, phone number on tag but calls won’t go through. Call 417-230-1815. (6/25)
  • Off Hwy 5 N on Canvas Back Rd, medium size dog, male, part beagle, brown with white on paws and white dots, possible injured, no collar, young. Call 424-2806. (6/13)
  • On Arkansas Ave near 5 cut off, young female cate, skinny, missing right eye, long lang lanky, tan with tabby coloration, white underside, loves people. Call 404-1516. (6/10)
  • On Buzzard Roost, red heeler/hound, spotted, male, around six months old, docked tail, gentle, no collar. Call 421-7503. (6/10)
  • On Webber Rd, off Cannie Baker Rd. Young adult, some type of beagle, brown and white, well trained, red collar. Call 481-5757. (6/5)
  • In North Point subdivision in Mountain Home. Large cat, well groomed, dark red/rust back, white sides, no collar. Call 425-8262. Leave voicemail. (6/3)
  • On 5S, across from Good Samaritan. Long haired chihuahua or pomeranian, male, 5lbs, black and tan. Held at Doggone Pretty. Call 870-425-2887. (5/30)
  • On the junction of E 6th St, Justice St, and E 8th St. 5-6 month old kitten, no collar, call for description. Call 870-425-7192. (5/30)
  •  In Meadowbrook Subdivision in Mountain Home, a tan tiger-stripe cat.  Call 405-8545.  (5/30)
  • On West Ridge Road in Mountain Home, a medium-size white dog with brown spot on his back and ears and wearing an orange collar.  Call 870-701-3302.  (5/29)


  • On Rodeo Drive in Mountain Home, a black, female American Bully dog that is short , stocky and has white under her neck.  Call 870-656-7723.  (7/10)
  • On Highway 5 North near Country Life Mobile Home Park, a small, male, brown and blonde mix dog wearing a blue collar with the name “Blue” on it.  Call 870-656-5273.  (7/9)
  • On Cranfield Road in Mountain Home, a small male black and brown dog that has one eye.  Call 870-215-6507.  (7/9)
  • In Bull Shoals, a female black chow mix.  Call 940-231-5316.  (7/2)
  • On Crestwood Rd in Clarkridge, very siamese looking male cat, white stripe down nose, big cat. Text 870-321-9543, or call 870-425-0664 and ask for Susan. (6/25)
  • Near Norfork Lake and Highway 5, a miniature female, tri-color beagle wearing a collar.  Call 405-1060.  (6/24)
  • On Hicks Road, solid black puppy, thirteen weeks old, pit/rottweiler mix, wearing white flea collar and another collar. Call 870-656-2557. (6/14)

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