Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list for free, call KTLO, Classic Hits & The Boot at (870) 425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: (870) 425-7000 (ask for animal control)

Humane Society of NCA: (870) 425-9221

Have A Heart Pet Shelter: (870) 449-7387

Gail’s Pets Second Chance (870) 431-8229

Humane Society of Marion County (870) 416-3428


  • Near Buford off of 126 in the Hidden Valley Area; 2 – half-grown pigs. Need gone. Call 870-425-1666. (9/14) 
  • Near Denton Ferry Road, a young female dog, not sure on mix. Roughly 35-40lbs, black with silver spots. Looks very well cared for. Well mannered. Roughly 1 year old. No collar. Call 870-405-8205 or 870-405-8672 (9/11) 


  • Near Pigeon Creek/Eden Pond, 3-4 year old Great Pyrenees, solid white with some tan spots. He was just picked up as a rescue from a person in Elizabeth, no collar and no name yet. Took off towards the woods. Call 870-421-3025. (9/21)
  • Near Butler Furniture, older black pit bull, white on front paws and chest, weighs 58 pounds.  Call 425-2268. (9/18)
  • In the Oakland area near cutoff road, a male Blue Merle Austrailian Shepard with one blue eye, answers to Moose. Very friendly, approximately 8-years-old. Call 870-404-4881.
  • In Teal Point area, a male chihuahua/terrier mix solid brown/fawn color, answers to Zeke. He is 18lbs, skiddish, fast and doesn’t like men. Call 870-321-6655 (9/6)
  • Behind East Side Baptist, a male older black lab with white markings, answers to Koda. He is a service dog, not wearing any service information. Wearing an orange and grey collar. Fixed. No chip. Call 870-281-8930 
  • Near Lincoln Paden Medical Group or KFC, 8-year-old black male cat, chubby. Name is Murphy. Call 870-713-0279. (8/24) 
  • Near Kathleen St. & 9th St. in Mountain Home, a fixed, male, grey & white Shih Tzu dog, no chip, no collar. 14-yrs-old, answers to Moe Moe. Call 870-656-0828. (8/17) 
  • By Great Escapes RV Center near Gassville, Jack Russell terrier mom and puppy, long-bodied, look like weiner dogs, white with dark heads, mom has a lot of milk.  Mom answers to “Tater,” and puppy answers to “Twix.”  Call 321-6956. (8/16)

Pets Looking for a Loving Home or Looking for Pets


  • Looking to rehome Siberian Huskey mix; spayed female; 3-year-old; does not like cats; good with other dogs; good recall, but likes to chase squirrels and rabbits. Ideal situation would for her to be on a farm – indoor and outdoor.  Microchipped; up to date on all shots including kennel cough and flea and tick prevention through December. Contact 479-278-1103 (8/11)