Pet Rescue & Free Adoption

To have a pet added to our list for free, call KTLO, Classic Hits & The Boot at (870) 425-3101

Baxter County Animal Control: (870) 425-7000 (ask for animal control)

Humane Society of NCA: (870) 425-9221

Have A Heart Pet Shelter: (870) 449-7387

Gail’s Pets Second Chance (870) 431-8229

Humane Society of Marion County (870) 416-3428



  • Found two white pitbull/bulldog mix near CR 614. Well-kept, one has collar.  Call (870) 508-1069 or (870) 580-5570. (6/10)
  • Found a female Yorkie on West 6th Street near Bucher Drive. Call (870) 405-4674. (6/7)
  • Found kitten- 6 month old female, grey with white face/chest & paws. 1 block north of hospital. Call to claim (870)656-2743. (6/7)
  • County Road 9 near Monkey Run- white cat with black spots and black tail. small and spunky, no collar. Call 907-441-8025 (5/21)


  • Near Cranfield – male Australian Shepard black and white, one blue eye and one part blue/brown, nose pink with black dots. 870-676-914 (5/31)
  • Found on Tipton Loop in Mountain Home, Doodle Mix (see photo below), no collar, knows basic commands. Please call (630)201-3465 (6/4)

  • Found running down west 6th St.- Female Yorkie. Call (870) 405-4674


  • On Highway 201 North, two-year-old St. Bernard, answers to “Bear,” friendly.  Call 636-383-3670. (6/22)
  • Lost on HWY 5 near Caseys/US Bank- Light grey female cat with tiger stripes. 1.5 years old. Jumped out of the car while driving home from getting spayed on Thursday 6/13. Owners offering reward. Please call 870-491-5666. (6/18)
  • Near 201 North in Mountain Home, St. Bernard with black collar (his name is Bear) and Chocolate lab with purple collar (her name is Milly) Please call (636)383-3671 (6/14)
  • On Sunshine Circle- 1 full blood Australian Shepherd, brown white & tan, bobbed tail & pointy ears. 1 Australian Shepherd/Brittany Spaniel, brown and white, long tail & floppy ears. Please call 870-421-6780 (5/22)

Pets Looking for a Loving Home or Looking for Pets

  • Looking for snake-keepers in the area that would like to adopt one or more adult harmless pet snakes. Only looking for serious, responsible person(s) who can commit to giving them a good home with good care. These are NOT native snakes, & they’re captive-bred & healthy. Please call 870-424-4416 (5/24)